Hot Clicks: Jessica Sutta; football player does handsprings during play

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Check out this Jaguars fan who has 18 signatures tattooed on her upper arms.

When Getting A Piece Of Paper Signed Isn't Enough...

Jaguars fan :: Tania Ganguli/The Times-Union

Did you know that if a high school football player does a handspring during a play, it's a penalty? It also might lead to an ejection.

Interesting Call

I have no idea what the hell happened here.

Speaking Of Ridiculous Plays...

Jessica Sutta is a dancer who used to be in the Pussycat Dolls and today's LLOD.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jessica Sutta :: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Ravens running back Ray Rice recently revealed that he got pulled over for having tinted windows, but escaped without consequence because he gave the officer an autograph.

This Is What Twitter Was Made For

Don't hide out at NBA games.

Memo To Murder Suspects

You've never seen a penalty kick goal like this one.

Sports Video Of The Day

And you'll never see a goal like this one, either.

Sports Video Of The Day No. 2

Kanye Westsurprised passengers on a Minneapolis to New York flight over the weekend with an impromptu version of Gold Digger.

In-Fight Video Of The Day