Hot Clicks: Redskins cheerleaders; Worst basketball foul ever

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Hot Clicks has highlighted the various spelling mistakes the Washington Nationals have made in recent times. It seems that problem has now spread to the local football team. Well, not the football team, but its cheerleading squad.

What is In The Washington Water?

Washington Redskins cheerleaders :: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images

Bears cornerback Charles Tillman gives a glove to a woman. Said woman gets very excited. (Thanks to Jamie Gewurz, of Montreal, for the link.)

Good Thing She Didn't Get Something Good

This cheap-shot foul from a recent European basketball game, is one of the worst things you'll ever see during a sporting event (unless you'reAlbert Haynesworth).

Um, I Think That's A Flagrant Foul

The Bengals continued their losing ways, but Terrell Owens had a busy night. He showed off an impressive dance after catching a touchdown, and almost killed a security guard.

Just Another Day On The Job

Terrell Owens :: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Joe Morgan, who was so bad as a baseball analyst that an entire Web site was devoted to getting him off the air, is finally gone from ESPN. If you want to re-live a classic Morgan take, just click this.

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

I squeaked out a win over Jimmy Kimmel in this week's Hot Clicks Celebrity NFL Picks Contest, 10-3 to 9-4. When I received Kimmel's picks early Thursday, the Seahawks had not yet announced that Charlie Whitehurst, who hadn't thrown a pass since 2006, would be their starting quarterback. So when that news came down, I e-mailed Kimmel to see if he wanted to change that pick to the Giants, but he thought it could be a trap game for New York. Well, we all know how that turned out. Anyway, the real issue here is that Kimmel deserves props for organizing National UnFriend Day, next Wednesday. Kimmel spoke more about it last night and Eastbound & Down's Danny McBride even weighed in on the movement.

Picks Update

A Michigan man won the $128 million powerball lottery over the weekend. Oh, and he bought his winning ticket at a porn store.

How Will His Wife Feel About This?

I love these xtranormal videos. Here's a new one that focuses on Michigan and Rich Rodriguez. (Warning: Video contains strong language.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Next time your kid won't stop crying, put on some Bob Marley. (Videos comes via

Cute Kid Video Of The Day