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Jimmie Johnson (Related Stories)

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Jimmie Johnson stories in the SI Vault

A Six-Pack To Go By Lars Anderson, February 16, 2004Half a dozen high-powered Young Guns have come of age and will battle for the title.

Worth The Wait For 48 By Lars Anderson, February 27, 2006The Great American Race had Jimmie Johnson's number -- until Sunday, when he capped off a controversial week with a late charge that put him in Victory Lane.

A Champ At Last By Lars Anderson, November 27, 2006A gritty racer under all that corporate polish, oft-frustrated Jimmie Johnson--NASCAR's premier driver over the past four years--dodged trouble at Homestead and finally won his first Nextel Cup points title.

Bringing It Home Again By Lars Anderson, November 26, 2007With a flawless run at Homestead, Jimmie Johnson sewed up his second straight Nextel Cup and proved that he and his Hendrick Racing team are the best of their era.

One To Go By Lars Anderson, November 17, 2008A masterly win in Phoenix all but assured Jimmie Johnson of his third Cup title heading into the season finale.

What's With You, Man? By Joe Posnanski, November 09, 2009HEY, JIMMIE JOHNSON You're the best ever, Superman in a firesuit, a three-time NASCAR champion rolling toward your fourth straight Cup -- fourth straight! -- and yet you're humble and quiet and polite and nice.

The Big Finish By Lars Anderson, November 22, 2010Jimmie Johnson has shown he can hold on to a lead; now he gets to prove he can pull off a comeback.