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Hot Clicks: Cavaliers cheerleaders: LeBron James returns to Cleveland

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Before we get to some links about LeBron James' return to Cleveland tonight, I need to get two quick things out of the way. First, here are the Cavaliers cheerleaders. Second, please take a second to vote in this poll.

The Return

Cavaliers cheerleaders

These come via

LeBron's Return: The Odds

LeBron James Total Points vs. Cleveland: Over/Under 26.5

Will LeBron James have a physical altercation with a fan? Yes 30/1

Will LeBron James do his pregame chalk ritual: Yes 1/50

This "trailer" for LeBron's return is outstanding. ... Here's a reworked version of You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch. ... And this was in Hot Clicks earlier this week, but the Michael Jordan "response" (which was not real), is still worth watching again.

LeBron's Return: The Videos has a look at "friendly" T-shirts Cavs fans can wear tonight. ... Here's how one bar is preparing for tonight's game. ... This gallery sets the scene in Cleveland. (Big thanks to reader Jovan J., for the LeBron links.)

LeBron's Return: The Photos


This high school basketball announcer sounds as if he's been shot when calling a game-winning bucket.

Call Of The Day

Artest called Houston radio station 1560 The Game during its postgame show and pretended to beLuis Scola. The hosts never caught on. (Thanks to Raheel, of Houston, for the link.)

That Ron Artest Is Such A Kidder

This guy just did some 99-foot quadruple backflips. No big deal. (Thanks to Josh Chinn, of Bellevue, Wash., for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

This five-year-old reporter has a bright future. (Thanks to Dylan W. of Chicago, for the video.)

Reporter Video Of The Day