December 06, 2010

Erica Blasberg stories in the SI Vault

New commissioner helps LPGA cope with Blasberg tragedy By Damon Hack, May 17, 2010The LPGA is reeling from the mysterious death of one of its own, 25-year-old tour player Erica Blasberg.

Tragic Swing By Damon Hack, May 24, 2010Rocked by the mysterious death of Erica Blasberg, an LPGA tour trying to find its niche was emboldenedby the heartfelt response of its new commissioner.

Coroner says LPGA golfer Blasberg death a suicideBy AP, August 24, 2010The Clark County coroner's office ruled Tuesday that 25-year-old professional golfer Erica Blasberg's death was a suicide.

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