NFL Defensive Linemen (related stories)

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NFL Defensive Linemen stories in the SI Vault

He Does What He Wants Out ThereBy Roy Blount Jr., September 4, 1975The Pittsburgh Steelers' Mean Joe Greene, a man with emotions as formidable as his physical gifts.

He'll Tackle Anything By John Underwood, October 22, 1984The Cowboys', and perhaps professional football's, top player is veteran defensive lineman Randy White, who goes nonstop on field -- and stream.

Cool Hand Dan By Jill Lieber, October 09, 1989Dan Hampton has been the soul of the Bears' defense for more than a decade because, whether on the field in Chicago or on the farm in Arkansas, he plays with all his heart.

Lean, Mean Sack Machine By Rick Telander, September 02, 1991A dedicated Bruce Smith establishes a blistering pace for the Buffalo Bills in their drive to another Super Bowl.

Up From The Ashes By Johnette Howard, September 02, 1996Packer Reggie White preaches that God can raise a man to the Super Bowl and a church from ruins.

Dr. Z's Alltime Greatest Pass RushersBy Paul Zimmerman, August 28, 2000 Powerfully strong Reggie White and cat-quick Deacon Jones have been the biggest thorns in quarterbacks' sides, in the eyes of our resident expert.