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Hot Clicks: Anna Benson; Terrell Suggs' middle finger Steelers t-shirt

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Earlier this week, right-handed pitcher Kris Benson announced his retirement from baseball. Benson, who was drafted No. 1 overall by the Pirates in 1996, made just three starts for the Diamondbacks last season, but we can't let the news pass by without acknowledging his wife. Anna Benson was one of the few WAGs here in the United States who was good for causing a stir every now and again. She upset the Mets organization for wearing a skimpy outfit to a Christmas party, told Howard Stern she'd sleep with every player on Kris's team if she caught him cheating and then some. So, today, we say goodbye to a WAG who provided us with some great material through the years. Thanks, Anna.

End Of An Era

Anna Benson ::Walter Iooss Jr./SI

While everyone focuses on Antonio Cromartie calling Tom Brady an ass----, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs sent a message to the Steelers with this middle finger T-shirt.

Things Are Getting Heated

Nice job by Dick Vitale last night to go along with Duke forwardKyle Singler's obvious flop during the Blue Devils loss to Florida State.

Dukie V Strikes Again

Showtime is reportedly in talks to produce a Hard Knocks-type series on the San Francisco Giants. If they just followed Brian Wilson and Tim Lincecum with cameras it would be worth it.

Make This Happen

Brian Wilson, Tim Lincecum :: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Can you name the athlete by looking at pictures of them as a child?

Quiz Time

Police were called to Mullets Sports Bar in Illinois after a customer smashed a framed photo of Saved by the Bell's A.C. Slater? The man's excuse for committing such a heinous crime? "I just don't like Slater." (Thanks to Mike M., of Chicago, for the link.)

News Story Of The Day

You don't often see networks use announcers as a selling point to watch sporting events, but the Big Ten Network is doing it with Gus Johnson and it's a smart move. With Johnson not doing Knicks games this season, he's free to do more work for the Big Ten Network and they want you to know about it. (Thanks to Andrew, of Indianapolis, for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Last week video of Josh Groban signing Kanye West's Tweets went viral. Today, I bring you this sports fan singing Nate Robinson's Tweets. (Thanks to Rock, of Boston, for the video.)

Music Video Of The Day