Morning Jolt: Lockout could devastate Vikings

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Thursday, January 13

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Lockout could devastate Vikings

Some teams are ill-prepared to weather the effects of a lockout. Take the Vikings, for instance. They're by far the least stable team in their division. The other teams -- Green Bay, Chicago and Detroit -- are solid in the front office, have strong general managers and their coaching staffs are set. They also are set for the long term at quarterback. Teams like that are better able to withstand time off from the offseason activities. The Vikings, meanwhile, need every second they can get their hands on to get better. They'll have a different coaching staff, a vastly different roster, and the QB who will start for them in 2011 most likely isn't with them at this point. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)Comment

Kuester surprises Rip with benching

For only the fourth time in his career, Richard Hamilton never left the bench Wednesday night. Hamilton was asked whether his benching made him more eager to be traded to another team. ... "This is probably the first time in my career that, when I put on a jersey, I didn't play. I really can't answer that right now. All I know is as long as I put that jersey on, I'm going to go out and play hard and be ready when my number's called." Hamilton said no one spoke to him before the game to inform him he was out of the rotation. "I came to the game with my same routine, that I was going to play," Hamilton said. "Nobody warned me or told me anything. I just came out ready to play the game. I was definitely surprised. Do I think it was a level of disrespect or unfair or anything like that? I'll leave that to y'all." (

Ex- No. 1 pick aims to lose bust label

Taken No. 1 overall by his hometown team back in 2004, Matt Bush's hopes his story is one of redemption rather than a cautionary tale. Wednesday marked the first time since 2008 that Bush has worked out on a Major League field, and he was determined this time not to take it for granted. He commented on how exciting it was to see his name above a locker in the Rays' clubhouse, and to be able to get out on the field with his teammates again. Though he still battles his demons "day by day," the 24-year-old has now fought through enough now to understand that each day on that field is a gift. ... "To be back here, it's like I've been given a new life," he said with a smile. "It's a thrill, it's just surreal to me." (

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Two officials attempt to break up a fight between St. Louis' B.J. Crombeen and Anaheim's Maxim Lapierre while a third official takes in the scuffle from above. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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Vandy's Jeffery Taylor throws down a vicious, one-handed alley-oop off an inbound play against Georgia.

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Miami Heat at Denver Nuggets, 10:30 p.m. ET, TNT

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