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Carmelo Anthony (Related Stories)

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Carmelo Anthony stories in the SI Vault

Fresh PrincesBy Tim Layden, December 23, 2002Headed by commanding Syracuse freshman Carmelo Anthony, a bumper crop of fearless first-year players is already making its mark.

Orange Crushed By Alexander Wolff, April 14, 2003The hot-shooting Orangemen of Syracuse held off a late charge by Kansas to win the national title.

Golden Nugget By Ian Thomsen, November 17, 2003The arrival of dazzling rookie Carmelo Anthony has Denver looking to double last year's win total and build itself into a championship contender.

The Pair Up There By Ian Thomsen, March 15, 2004The Rookie of the Year race is neck and neck between two terrific teens: LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.

Getting A Grip By Ian Thomsen, December 20, 2004In a funk after a series of screwups, Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony has rediscovered his grin and his game.

Scenes From A Marriage By Ian Thomsen, March 27, 2006After a rocky start, Denver's odd couple -- Carmelo Anthony and coach George Karl -- have struck an uneasy alliance that has transformed the young forward into a star and the Nuggets into a playoff threat.

'Melo's Forward Progress By L. Jon Wertheim, December 07, 2009Think Carmelo Anthony is one of those guys who will never quite get there? First take a look at how far he's come.

Moving Along? By Chris Mannix, November 08, 2010Carmelo Anthony isn't the only big-name player who could have a new address by trade deadline.