Hot Clicks: Kristin Cavallari loves Jay Cutler; Brett Keisel's beard

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Hockey players are known for growing playoff beards, but Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel is showing that NFL folks can get in on the action, too. Reader Wayne Wickerson, of Pittsburgh, wrote in to say that Keisel started to grow out the beard this season and "it's currently at an epic stage in its wildness." Wayne also informs us that Keisel's beard has a Facebook page and is on Twitter.

I Feel Itchy Just Looking At That Thing

Brett Keisel :: Nick Laham/Getty Images

Randall Simon's Sausages has a look at the top 10 moments in Bears-Packers history.

Speaking Of The NFL Playoffs...

Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks linked to a fan with a Padres tattoo on his head. Today, we bring you the tattoo of a guy who lost a fantasy football bet.

Tattoo Of The Day

Kristin Cavallarijust told that she's in love with Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Whether Cutler wins or loses Sunday, he's already a winner in our book.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Kristin Cavallari :: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Utah Grizzlies (ECHL) coach Kevin Colleylet the sticks fly during a tirade last Saturday.

The Disheveled Tie Is The Best

An Ohio woman got three speeding tickets in one hour over the weekend. (Thanks to Mike, of North Canton, Calif., for the link.)

Bad Driver Of The Day

Prankster Rémi Gaillard has been featured in Hot Clicks before. Here's a new compilation of some of his best sports pranks. It's guaranteed to make you laugh. (Thanks to Art, in San Diego, for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Fast forward to the 1:35 mark to watch this kid show off some impressive Michael Jackson-like moves.

Dancing Fan Video Of The Day

Jason C., of Logan, Utah, says, "My buddy here at Utah State can swallow hot dogs without chewing, and in this video he puts 10 down in under one minute. It's for real. James Stephens is his name." I'm not sure if James wants his name associated with this, um, talent, but such is life.

Ridiculous Eating Video Of The Day