Hot Clicks: Jaime Edmondson; Zack Follett bizarre video message

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Lions linebacker Zack Follett went on a radio station yesterday and said this about the team's quarterback: "[Matt] Stafford. He's a china doll right now. But the kid is -- hopefully, it's just patiently waiting for him, because the kid is an awesome talent. He has a tremendous arm." Apparently, some people took offense to the "china doll" part and criticized Follett. He then responded with this pretty surreal rambling video in which he talks a lot about Satan. Things get really good at the 2:40 mark when Follett talks about Satan attacking him with lust and girls. And to think, people thought the Jay Cutler story was interesting...

Zack Attack

Zack Follett :: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The gadget which pours beer from the bottom up made its debut in Philadelphia last night at the Flyers-Canadiens game. Crossing Board has a full report and answers many questions about the revolutionary beer dispenser.

Beer Here

UConn's top football booster wants his $3 million donation back because the school didn't consult him before hiring new coach, Paul Pasqualoni.

Sounds Like A Friday Night Lights Storyline

As you know, Hot Clicks has been featuring Jaime Edmondson's NFL pictures on a regular basis in recent weeks. Before the season started, Jaime posed in gear of the 12 teams she picked to make the playoffs. That meant 20 other teams were shut out of seeing her model for their team. Well, those poor souls are no longer shut out. Hot off the presses are new photos for all 32 clubs. Oh, and I used a Lions picture to tempt Zack Follett into some lust.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Jaime Edmondson::

Chad Ochocincois changing his name back to Chad Johnson.


To add to the stretcher mishaps we've been featuring the past couple of days, Harley Rollins, of Vancouver, Canada, says, "If you're looking for best 'stretcher' moments, you can't forget the one whereMike Modano (after being crushed) was dropped on his head as they tried to put him into the ambulance."

It Doesn't Only Happen In Soccer

Liam Nee, of Cornish, Maine, says, "Check out this shot from my hometown high school's varsity basketball game last night. It's radiantly obvious the outcome is unintentional and the opposing player who 'helped' complete the basket is left in shock."

Sports Video Of The Day

This Aaron Rodgers musical tribute to his "putting on the title belt" celebration should be two minutes shorter, but the Prince-soundalike who sings the song makes it worth checking out. (Thanks to Tyler Stafford, of Bloomington, Ill., for the link.)

Music Video Of The Day

Here's a trailer for "Jerry The Great."

Seinfeld Video Of The Day