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Blake Griffin (Related Stories)

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Oklahoma Sooners PreviewBy Kelli Anderson, November 17, 2008A Fun-Loving Star Makes the Sooners the Coaches' Pick To Win the Big 12. No Joke.

Post Impressionist By Kelli Anderson, January 26, 2009Oklahoma forward Blake Griffin is a skilled mimic and practical joker off the court, but on it the sophomore double-double machine does a pretty good player-of-the-year impersonation.

Shaq Places Top Draftee Griffin In Same Class as LeBron, KobeBy Ian Thomsen, June 29, 2009Amid complaints about the dearth of talent in last week's NBA draft, No. 1 pick Blake Griffin has earned resounding approval from Shaquille O'Neal.Los Angeles Clippers PreviewBy Lee Jenkins, October 26, 2009After decades of regrettable lottery picks -- Michael Olowokandi, Danny Ferry, Bo Kimble, Reggie Williams and so many more -- Los Angeles might have finally figured out this draft business.

Big Men, Big Questions By Lee Jenkins, October 25, 2010Each team is building (or rebuilding) around a young post player such as Blake Griffin, whose return from knee surgery has the Clippers thinking playoffs.