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Hot Clicks: Jamie Edmondson; Super Bowl XLV wrap up

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Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers and their fans, especially the one above who celebrated a Super Bowl XLV victory by rocking what looks like a cheese-decorated Snuggie. To recap, here are the three biggest stories from the Super Bowl that had nothing to do with the game on the field: 1) Christina Aguileramessed up the national anthem; 2) Cameron DiazfedA-Rod popcorn; 3) 400 fans who paid for tickets couldn't watch the game from seats because fire marshals said the seats were unsafe, but got hooked up pretty well by the NFL.

Big Stories From The Big Game

Packers fan :: AP

Someone at compiled the 43 most memorable Super Bowl commercials. Clearly, I didn't work on the piece, because the spot that featured Kim Kardashian was omitted. And in the interest of full disclosure, I didn't see any of the commercials last night, but after perusing the web this morning, I know there couldn't have been one better than this spot from the NFL that mashed up scenes of classic sitcoms.


From "Bookies incurred more losses from Super Bowl XLV than they had in any single Super Bowl since 1993." This was the extent of my Super Bowl betting yesterday.


As soon as the Super Bowl ended, the first of many tweets and e-mails with the same message came in. "Please feature Jaime Edmondson in her Packers outfit." Since the football season is over (what a horrible sentence to type), I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to have one last look at Jaime Edmondson sporting some NFL gear and recreating some Super Bowl moments.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

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Jaime Edmondson ::

Magic guard Gilbert Arenas was served custody and child support papers last Thursday -- during halftime of a game.

One Non-Super Bowl Link

Paul of Green Bay, says, "Hi, Jimmy. Now that the Pack has won, please cap off a great week for us in Title Town by featuring my football stadium made from food in Hot Clicks. I'm a huge fan of the site and would love to have the stadium grace the page. Also, I kinda told my wife that you were running a contest ... it was the only way I could convince her to help with the build."

E-Mail Of The Day


How do a father and son celebrate their team winning the Super Bowl? They strip down to their underwear and jump in the snow while screaming like lunatics. (Warning: Big f-bomb halfway through the video.)

Bonding Video Of The Day