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Morning Jolt: Nets trying to drive up price on Melo?

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Monday, February 21

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Nets only trying to drive up Melo's price?

If or when the Melo drama concludes, all parties may be relieved by the conclusion of the sideshow, but the on-court drama between the Nets and Knicks may just be starting. Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov appeared to be all but bowing out of the competition Sunday, telling CNBC that he met with Anthony over the weekend in part to get the rival Knicks to increase their offer to Denver. "I think we made a very good tactical decision to force (the) Knicks to pay as much as they can," Prokhorov said. Anthony met with Prokhorov, Nets minority owner Jay-Z and general manager Billy King late Saturday. Asked at the Staples Center before the game if he had any news on a deal, Prokhorov said, "I don't care." (The Denver Post)Comment

Warriors may target Oden, Yao

How badly does Golden State want a big man? If the Warriors can't find their coveted center upgrade at the trade deadline or in the draft, they would consider injury risks Greg Oden or Yao Ming at a discounted rate in the offseason. "When you're looking at what you can do to get better, you have to consider the possibility of what an injured player today might be able to do when he returns," said general manager Larry Riley. ... "It's not a secret. We have either got to get the players we have to play better in and around the basket, or we have to get somebody else," Riley said. "That's really where we are, so I might as well say it." (San Francisco Chronicle)Comment

Newton's character a concern in NFL?

Warren Moon, who considers himself a mentor of sorts to Cam Newton, isn't worried about the QB taking on complicated offensive schemes. Moon pointed out that he, himself, ran widely diverse attacks in his career, and it was never an issue. "He's a highly intelligent kid who understands football, so he can learn any system," Moon said. "That's not going to be the biggest issue. I think he'll be fine with the football part of it." The larger question is "answering those character issues that everybody has," Moon said. ... Earlier, Newton transferred out of Florida after allegations of stealing a laptop computer and cheating on a test. "That was when he was 18," Moon said. "But those are the things he's going to have to face up to and hold up to." (The News Tribune)Comment

Must-See Photo

A Nuggets fan preparing for Carmelo Anthony's departure? No. Emotions this intense can only mean one thing: this young lady just got hold of a towel used by pop star Justin Bieber during the All-Star celebrity basketball game. (AP)

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