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Hot Clicks: Shakira dating soccer player; Caltech ends 310-game losing streak

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It appears that Barcelona central defender Gerard Piqué is dating the woman whose hips don't lie. There were rumors about Piqué and Shakira dating and now they've been photographed holding hands. This is good enough for me to feature the Latin beauty.

New WAG Alert

Shakira :: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood is being blamed for the recent trade that sent her husband, Mike Fisher, from the Ottawa Senators to country music's capital, Nashville. In fact, one Ottawa station is so mad, it has banned all of Underwood's music.

Speaking Of WAGs...

The Caltech's basketball team ended a 310-game conference losing streak yesterday.

Cavaliers Had Nothing On These Guys

Bryan, of Las Vegas, Nevada, says, "Jimmy, tonight I was in a sportsbook and saw some of the results from today's horse races which included these from Northfield Park in Ohio. If you go to the winner of the 12th race, you get a great name for a horse." Obviously, there's an easy joke to be made here about Ron Jeremy, a horse and a certain expression that starts with the word "hung" but there's no way I can make it on so we have to move on. And if you don't get the Hoof Hearted reference in the headline above, watch this.

Not As Good As Hoof Hearted, But Still Solid

Watch this big check that Hurricanes forward Eric Staal put on his brother, Marc, a defenesman for the Rangers, last night during New York's shootout win. (Thanks to Steve, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, for the link.)

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The Cubs know what to do in order to sell tickets: Promote Derek Jeter. ... Royals closer Joakim Sorianeeds a new nickname. He doesn't want to be called "The Mexecutioner" anymore.

Random Links

In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, I asked you guys to tell me if I should still feature dunks in this column. I was a little surprised that 65 percent of you voted no. I think Zach, of Denver, hit the nail on the head when he said, "Rules to abide by when showing dunks: Only show dunks if it's a baby dunking, it's a monkey dunking, or someone gets injured dunking. Thank you. Dunks are boring." I don't know if I'll be that strict, but it will take a big effort to get a dunk featured in Hot Clicks. In fact, it will have to be something like this.

Sports Video Of The Day

An 82-year-old woman had her life saved because she ordered a pizza daily.

News Story Of The Day

The talk show host sent Guillermo to cover the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Party last week. The result was this funny piece.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day