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Hot Clicks: Amber Heard; Tom Zbikowski wants to fight Chad Ochocinco

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When Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski isn't playing football, he's boxing. In fact, he has a fight in Las Vegas this weekend. Hopefully, he'll have another fight down the road as Zbikowski challengedChad Ochocinco to a fight today.

Please Make This Happen

Chad Ochocino, Tom Zbikowski :: Getty Images

A high school hockey team recently lost a game on purpose in order to play a less talented team in the playoffs. The move has generated some controversy, so I want to hear from you. After you click the link above and read the story, vote in the poll below. (Thanks to Jamie, of Toronto, for the link.)

Cursing Alert

The Rock returned to the WWE a couple of weeks ago. Stone Cold Steve Austin is scheduled to appear on Monday Night Raw tonight. And next week, Snooki will host the program.

Seems Like A Natural Fit

This photo sums up Jimmer Fredette mania.

Photo Of The Day

I've been getting lot of e-mails in recent weeks asking that I make actress Amber Heard the LLOD, so I'm honoring those requests today.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Amber Heard :: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

The Smoking Jacket looks at 10 unbelievably stupid March Madness blunders. ... San Jose Sharks defenseman Jason Demers punched linesmanBrian Mach in the face during a fight on Sunday. ... Glass shattering is always fun to see at a hockey game.

Random Links

In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, we mentioned Bobby Knight using colorful language on TV over the weekend. follows that up with a look at Knight's 10 best moments. Today's A.M. Hot Clicks also covered the Miami Heat's struggles. has a full critque of the "Heatles" recents failures and looks at LeBron James' most unclutch moments.

Follow-Up Items

Nebraska first baseman Kurt Farmer makes a great catch and reminds us why it's so nice to have baseball back at this time of year. (Thanks to Brett C., of Lincoln, Neb., for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Yes, the kid traveled. But that doesn't make this clip from a third grade boys CYO championship game in Portland any less exciting. (Thanks to Mike Miller, of Portland., for the link.)

Buzzer Beater Of The Day

It sucks that this is a commercial, but we have to give up for both the creators and Jennifer Aniston. It's pretty damn amusing. (Thanks to for the video.)

Jennifer Aniston Video Of The Day