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Hot Clicks: Alana Blanchard; Miami Heat cost bar owner $85,000

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It's been a while since we've checked in with Hot Clicks favorite, Chris Cooley. It seems the Redskins tight end has been spending time catching up on fan mail -- two years worth of fan mail. Cooley detailed the variety of requests, sales pitches and invitations he received (while lamenting the lack of nude photos) in this very funny blog post.

What's Inside An NFL Player's Mailbox?

Chris Cooley :: Simon Bruty/Getty Images

In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, I told you about a couple of baseball players getting their cars stolen during spring training. has come up with some decoy car covers that Major Leaguers can use to keep away would-be thieves.

Photoshops Of The Day

Remember the Miami bar owner who said he'd give customers free drinks for every Heat loss? He's lost $85,000 this year.

Burned By The Heat

Steve, in Yorba Linda, Calif, says, "I saw that you featured the Soul Surfer trailer in Tuesday's Hot Clicks. That is a perfect segue into pointing out that SI picked the wrong surfer for the Swimsuit issue this year. Bethany Hamilton's best friend, Alana Blanchard (portrayed by Jack Nicholson's daughter in Soul Surfer), is the hottest female surfer. Alana was in the water with Bethany during the shark attack. Take a look at this gallery, and let's start lobbying for her in the Swimsuit issue next year."

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Alana Blanchard :: Kirstin Scholtz/Getty Images

Via @BMasur4 on Twitter comes this nasty, low blow by a Manhattan storage company.

This Is How Bad It Is For The Mets

The WFAN/YES Network host was NOT happy with the hideous officiating in yesterday's Rutgers-St. John's game.

For My Fellow New Yorkers/Mike Francesa Fans

Meet Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic. He has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts. (Thanks to Andy, of New York, for the link.)

Ridiculous Story Of The Day

I said a dunk would have to be special for Hot Clicks to feature it. Well, Blake Griffin, this is how it should be done. Well done, Guy Dupuy.

Sports Video Of The Day

In their newest installment, the crew makes a meat building. They also go shopping, which leads to a memorable line at the 1:11 mark: "Get a secondary bacon cart."

Epic Meal Time Video Of The Day