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Kansas City Royals (Related Stories)


Kansas City Royals stories in the SI Vault

K.C. Makes A Hit With An Odd CoupleBy Ted O'Leary, July 03, 1972The bats of two outfielders have begun to sweeten a very sour year.

Looking For A Place To Play By Pat Putnam, April 22, 1974Kansas City had a problem in young Jim Wohlford, a fine hitter who could not field. Solution? He went back down to the minors and learned how

The Eternal Hopefuls Of SpringBy Larry Keith, March 20, 1978Of all the rookies trying to crack starting lineups, Clint Hurdle of Kansas City has the best shot.

A Crown For The Royals By Steve Wulf, October 20, 1980That lonely band of strangers jumping and hugging under the glare of 56,588 New Yorkers in Yankee Stadium last Friday at midnight was the Kansas City Royals, the best team in the American League, the best team in baseball.

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A Sudden Slide Into Uncertainty By Kim Kaplan, March 12, 1984After a year of disappointments and cocaine busts, Kansas City puts on its new face.

K.C. Had A Blast By Ron Fimrite, November 04, 1985With three straight Series victories, ranging from sublime to ridiculous, the Royals triumphed over history, the odds and the Cardinals.

The Big Stick By Peter Gammons, June 12, 1989With every swing of his bat, there's a chance Bo Jackson will do something extraordinary. So everyone watches.

Father's Days By Tim Kurkjian, June 21, 1993With son Brian hitting .300 and his Royals in first place, Hal McRae can enjoy life as a manager.

A Run Of LuckBy Jeff Pearlman, July 24, 2000Last year Mike Sweeney found his batting stroke, a new position and inner peace. Now the Royals' first baseman is a big hit at the plate and with Kansas City fans.

Carlos Beltran Is Good To Go By Tom Verducci, June 28, 2004The Royals centerfielder is up for grabs and may be the only franchise player that contenders will get a shot at before the trade deadline.

Zack Greinke Is In Total Control By Joe Posnanski, May 04, 2009The rise of the young Royals ace has been as spectacular as his fall was chilling. His anxiety disorder now in check, he's unleashed the full range of his remarkable talent.