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Morning Jolt: Lewis knows Palmer's done with Bengals


Thursday, March 17

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Lewis knows Palmer's done with Bengals

According to one GM whose team could use a quarterback, the Bengals know Carson Palmer won't play for them again. But he also believes Palmer won't be dealt -- if he's dealt at all -- for nearly a year. ... The GM said the Bengals' Marvin Lewis knows Palmer won't play for him again, and he should. He talked to the guy. But there's that matter of what to do next, and this may be a test of Lewis' power and leverage -- both of which he may have gained by agreeing to a two-year extension when he was expected to leave. Essentially, the question is this: Can he convince Brown to deal Palmer for draft picks, players or both to get something of value this season? Most people believe he cannot, and that was reiterated by our GM who said he's certain Cincinnati won't budge on Palmer because of what it would mean for others. (

Johnson certain D-Will stays in Jersey

While Deron Williams hasn't made any statement so declarative, Avery Johnson is sure. [Johnson on Wednesday] stood by a claim he made Tuesday on the radio that there is "no doubt" the team will be able to re-sign point guard Deron Williams when he becomes a free agent. "I have no doubt and I'm really, really confident that we'll be able to re-sign him," Johnson said after practice today. "What am I supposed to say -- I'm leery? All signs that I've seen and heard is that as we move forward that he'll be in a Nets uniform." ... The Nets can re-sign Williams to a contract extension this summer, but not before July 18. The current collective bargaining agreement runs out June 30, and if the NBA locks out its players on July 1, as is expected, the Nets will not be able to re-sign Williams until after an agreement is reached between the NBA and its players. (The Star-Ledger)Comment

Calipari hostile to one-and-done rule

John Calipari lost an almost absurd amount of young talent to the the NBA last season, and yet he keeps reloading. No college coach better embraces the concept of "one-and-done" than Calipari. "Sometimes I don't think people will listen when I say this: I don't like the rule. I don't like the one-and-done. I don't think it's good for college, I don't think it's good for the NBA. But it's a rule we have to live with. I recruit the best players I can recruit and I don't try to hold them back," Calipari said. "You say embrace it? It's what the rule is. Now the option is, why do I recruit such good players? Because they want to play for me and I want to coach them." (The Tampa Tribune)Comment

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Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum works his way into regular-season form during a spring training game against the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday in Glendale, Ariz. (AP)

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