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MLB's Fastest Pitchers (Related Stories)


MLB's Fastest Pitchers (Related Stories)

Sandy Makes A Pitch For Posterity By Joe Jares, August 02, 1965Protected from further arm trouble by doctors, masseurs, pills, ointments, an ever-ready bucket of ice water and the fervent prayers of his teammates, Sandy Koufax has a good chance to win 30 games and set a new strikeout record (see chart at right) while keeping the Los Angeles Dodgers at the top of the National League pennant race.

Sam Of 1,000 Ways By Pat Jordan, August 17, 1970Pitching is just another diverting challenge to Sudden Sam McDowell, who marches not only to his own drummer, but to a different one every day.

The Bringer Of The Big Heat By Ron Fimrite, June 16, 1975To say Nolan (Four No-Hitter) Ryan is fast is an understatement. Even his curve has been clocked at 85 mph.

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He's The Golden Goose By Jim Kaplan, September 29, 1980As his 30 saves, 6-1 record and 1.79 ERA suggest, Relief Pitcher Rich Gossage almost never lays an egg, which is a big reason the Yankees are leading their division.

Gone ... and Forgotten? By William Taaffe, October 26, 1987Sadly, memories of the fabulous Big Train have dimmed.

Booster RocketBy Gerry Callahan, March 01, 1999 While baseball went ballistic, the already formidable Yankees may have locked in another World Series berth by landing Cy Young winner Roger Clemens.

Total Command By Tom Verducci, May 08, 2000With an unprecedented April in which he was all but unhittable, the Diamondbacks' majestic Randy Johnson made his case for the title of the game's best pitcher.

MLB Players PollBy SI Staff, June 25, 2007Who is the hardest-throwing pitcher in baseball?

National Treasure By Albert Chen, June 21, 2010Yes, he's that good. But Stephen Strasburg did more in his first week as a major league pitcher than live up to the hype: He became the rare player who fills stadiums. Meet baseball's newest, biggest drawing card.