Hot Clicks: Erin Andrews; Phillies fans react to news of Bin Laden death

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I assume the only people in the U.S. not glued to the television last night when President Obama announced the killing of Osama bin Laden were those fans at Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia watching the Mets-Phillies. However, when the monumental news spread throughout the stadium, it led to this amazing moment. And here's how people on college campuses throughout the country reacted to the news. And here's the WWE'sJohn Cena breaking the news to the crowd at a pay-per-view event. And here's how newspapers across the nation look today.

Well Done, Phillies Fans

Phillies fans :: AP

You've never seen anything like Mark Hominick's face after his fight with Jose Aldo at UFC 129 on Saturday.

Photo Of The Day

As the controversy around Ohio State coach Jim Tressel deepens, rivals are having fun at his expense. This billboard has gone up in Michigan, while these shirts are a hot item at Penn State.

Kicking Him While He's Almost Down

President Obama was front and center at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night. I noted on Twitter that afternoon that Erin Andrews, Brooklyn Decker and Kate Upton were scheduled to attend the event. Luckily for us, the stunning Andrews saw the Tweet and took time away from hanging withBradley Cooper to Tweet a picture of the trio along with Tony Romo's fiancee, Candace Crawford. Brooklyn also came through with a solid photo from the event.

On a side note, if you haven't seen the video of Obama and Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers verbally destroying Donald Trump as he looks on from the audience, check it out here.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Erin Andrews :: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Twins pitcher Carl Pavano gave up six earned runs and 12 hits in 5 1/3 innings against the Royals yesterday. Then he went nuts after getting pulled from the game.

Amazed He Didn't Get Hurt During This Tirade

Wayne Gretzky's rookie card recently sold for nearly $95,000.

This Is Why He's The Great One

Marlins outfielder and Twitter beast Logan Morrison, joined me for an extremely fun chat. Download it on iTunes or listen to it below.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Even on this historic occasion, Hot Clicks wouldn't be Hot Clicks if it didn't feature a classic news blooper. (Thanks to @WorldofIsaac and @Jose3030 for the link.)

Local News Video Of The Day

Seems like a good day to listen to this song.

Music Video Of The Day

I've posted this video in Hot Clicks the past few years on 9/11. We should all watch it again today.

David Letterman Video Of The Day