Left-Handed Relief Pitchers (Related Stories)

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Left-Handed Relief Pitcher stories in the SI Vault

Pitching A No-Quitter By William Leggett, June 11, 1973Detroit's John Hiller leads the major leagues in saves -- and valor.

The Spark Is Missing By John Papanek, April 03, 1978Oh, Sparky Lyle's in the Yankees' camp, but baseball is an afterthought because he thinks he's being crowded out of the bullpen.

He Kept Tugging Away At The Heartstrings By Ron Fimrite, November 03, 1980The World Series was good to the very last pitch, with which Tug McGraw fanned K.C. 's Willie Wilson, and then all Philadelphia went bonkers.

How Do You Spell Success? Relief By Peter Gammons, April 04, 1988Late-inning stoppers, like Minnesota's Jeff Reardon and Boston's Lee Smith, loom larger than ever in the strategy of the game.

The Relief Is Not So Sweet By Jill Lieber, April 16, 1990To be a New York Yankee was Dave Righetti's dream, but life as a pinstriped reliever has been harsh.

Penurious By Tim Crothers, May 10, 1999Anchored by unsinkable New Yorker John Franco, the Mets' revamped bullpen has been the stingiest in the National League.

High-Wire ActBy Tom Verducci, June 18, 2001 There's no safety net for major league closers, who put it all on the line each time they work, saving the day...or wasting their team's best efforts.