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Chicago Bulls stories in the SI Vault

It Was Death In The AfternoonBy Peter Carry, April 22, 1974 But not for the Bulls of Chicago. After years of trying to get past the first round of the playoffs, they finally made it, led by a most unlikely hero who should have been wearing another team's uniform.

A Toddling Team On A Rampage By John Papanek, April 04, 1977The Bulls are making a late charge to the playoffs and Chicago's in an uproar.

In The Driver's Seat By Alexander Wolff, December 10, 1984Rookie Michael Jordan has quickly become Chicago's big wheel and the NBA's big deal at the box office.

His Highness By Jack McCallum, June 17, 1991Michael Jordan and the Bulls soared to a 3-1 lead over L.A. in the NBA Finals.

The Jordan HeirsBy Phil Taylor, November 22, 1993There may be life after Michael, but the Bulls are struggling to find it.

Sitting Bull By Richard Hoffer, May 27, 1996Phil Jackson may invoke Sioux lore and Zen mysticism in coaching Michael Jordan & Co., but the real message is: Play smart basketball.

The Start Something Big By Chris Ballard, October 28, 2002Staking the future on two raw 7-footers -- Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry -- the Bulls hope the growing pains are brief and the payoff is huge.

Repair-a-bull? By Chris Mannix, November 09, 2009Chicago's success will hinge on whether Luol Deng can recover his stroke and find his way in the offense.