May 23, 2011

Indianapolis 500 stories in the SI Vault

Splashdown At The Speedway By Robert F. Jones, June 02, 1975There were 65 miles to go when the rains came, as did Bobby Unser's Jorgensen Eagle, sluicing across the line to seize the Indianapolis 500.

A Way To Upset Cart By Sam Moses and Bob Brown, April 30, 1979A feud between organizations that control Indy-car racing has now boiled over, and the Indianapolis 500 might have only one past winner on the grid.

Hey, Show Us Your Goose Bumps By Frank Deford, May 31, 1982The author went to the Indy 500 because he was told he would shiver with excitement. Well, he shivered all right.

Indy Air Show By Sam Moses, May 18, 1987Pancho Carter could smile after his upside-down ride, but even 500 pole winner Mario Andretti was antsy.

A Road Less Taken By Jill Lieber, May 03, 1993After enduring years of macho scorn in racing, Lyn St. James has her own Indy Car team.

What Ever Happened To Indy?By Ed Hinton, June 02, 1997 Eclipsed by NASCAR and beset by a foolish battle of high-octane egos the Indianapolis 500 has lost its place as America's premier auto race.

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