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New York Mets stories in the SI Vault

Lights In The Met Cellar By William Leggett, May 06, 1968Their lapses are still laughable, but New York's new stars at last give promise of a bright, winning future.

How Sweet It Is! By William Leggett, May 22, 1972New York rejoices as the Mets keep a hot streak going and the newest Met of all says 'Hey' to the town of his youth with a timely game-winning homer.

It Was A Terrific Homecoming By Steve Wulf, April 18, 1983Ending a six-year exile from the Mets, Tom Seaver delighted an Opening Day crowd by pitching six strong innings in a 2-0 win over Philadelphia.

The Perils Of Darryl By William Nack, April 23, 1984A rugged apprenticeship behind him, Darryl Strawberry could be swinging into an amazin' future.

Good To The Very Last Out By Ron Fimrite, November 03, 1986The Mets, one strike from defeat, staged a couple of remarkable comebacks to deny the Red Sox their first World Series in 68 years.

The High Price Of Hard Living By Tom Verducci, February 27, 1995Reckless years in the fast lane, fueled by alcohol and cocaine, have cost former New York Met phenoms Darryl Strawberry (left) and Dwight Gooden the prime years of their careers.

Glove Affair By Tom Verducci, September 06, 1999A new man at third has dressed up the Mets' infield, turning a good defense into a great one -- and New York into a playoff contender.

Joy Ride By Tom Verducci, July 17, 2006Fueled by putdowns and cutups, the slaphappy Mets-a franchise whose revival is way ahead of schedule-are dominating the National League.