Hot Clicks: Paulina Porizkova; Ohio State reacts to Jim Tressel controversy

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Personally, I can't get overly worked up about a bunch of kids (who should be getting paid) trading memorabilia for tattoos. But based on this sign they hung up at their campus dorm, it looks like Ohio State students, Matt Parker (left) and Curt Stine, feel a tad stronger about the Jim Tressel controversy.

They May Be A Little Biased

Matt Parker, left, and Curt Stine :: AP

How bad do some guys want to catch a foul ball at a baseball game? So bad that they'll drop their daughters in an attempt to make the grab, which is what happened at last Saturday's Marlins-Dodgers game. And so bad that they'll trample over their own kids to snatch a ball in midair, which happened at last Sunday's Diamondbacks-Astros game. (Thanks to Chris Waugh, of Weston, W. Va., for the link.)

Dangerous Dads

In case you missed it, yesterday's Hot Clicks featured an item about University of Florida pitcher Brian Johnson, who was knocked unconscious last Saturday when his catcher threw the ball in his face while trying to throw out a basestealer. Also on Saturday, Baylor catcher Clare Hosack had to get stitches after fouling a ball off her face.

Freak Accidents

With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of summer, looks at the 50 hottest bikini shots of all time. The above shot of SI Swimsuit modelPaulina Porizkova made the list.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Paulina Porizkova :: John G. Zimmerman/SI

The NFL lockout has clearly left John Elway with too much time on his hands. The Broncos vice president is trying to stop a punk rock band from using the name "Elway."


Former NBA guard Larry Hughes, who retired last year, gave 150 people $30 worth of gas on Sunday. And he even pumped it himself! (Thanks to @aykohn for the link.)

Not Lame

I have three copies of Gary Dell'Abate's book, They Call Me Baba Booey, to give away today. (You can buy it here.) The first three people to answer these questions will get the book. You must e-mail me the answers ( and put "Contest" in the subject line. Do not fill out the form below and remember to put "Contest" in the subject line.

1. Gary played Howard Stern in a tennis match that was filmed and released on VHS. What was the name of the special?

2. On my podcast, Gary named three athletes he'd like to book on The Howard Stern Show. Name two of the three.

3. Which NFL player made a better with Howard Stern that ended with Howard kissing the player on the bare bottom?

UPDATE, 2:04 p.m.: Contest is over. Winners have been e-mailed. (John Risi, Walter Sweeney and John Knopick) Answers were 1) U.S. Open Sores; 2) Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali; 3) Leonard Marshall

Giveaway Of The Day

They Call Me Baba Booey :: Random House

The college basketball season has been over for a while and Jimmer Fredette is on his way to the NBA. However, people can't stop making Jimmer videos. This one is quite spectacular, thanks to the addition of video game sounds. (Thanks to Matty, of Salt Lake City, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Damn impressive tackling by a Mariners security guard, who took care of a fan running on the field during last Saturday's Yankees-Mariners game.

Security Guard Video Of The Day

Playboy has ranked the top 23 Air Jordan's of all time. To illustrate each ranking, it shot Playmates -- including Hot Clicks favorite, Jaime Edmondson -- in classic pin-up style with the shoes.

Sneakers Video Of The Day