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Hot Clicks: Jessica Lowndes; Texas Rangers draft paralyzed player


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The NFL Network's Rich Eisen joined me for a fun chat this week. Topics included the NFL lockout, the future of the Super Bowl, podcasting, the unique personalities of Chris Cooley and Larry David, the power of Tom Brady and more. Listen to it below, download it on iTunes, or download it to your mp3 player.

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Rich Eisen :: AP

You never know what problems you'll run into when you decided to get married at an iconic baseball stadium. In the case of this couple, they were supposed to wed at Fenway Park last Saturday before Boston's game against Oakland. However, when the Bruins reached the Stanley Cup Finals, the Red Sox moved their 7 p.m. game to 1 p.m. The organization took care of the couple, however, allowing them to marry after the game and atop the Green Monster.

Nation Nuptials

Last week, I told you about Hot Clicks reader Todd Lewandowski, who sent Tony Romo $8 wash cloths as a wedding gift after seeing his registry linked in this column. If you remember, Lewandowski also sent Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez a $13 butter dish for their wedding, but had not received a thank you note. I reached out to the Knicks in hopes of getting 'Melo to send Todd a Tweet or a video greeting. The Knicks were helpful and directed me to Carmelo's personal PR person. When I pitched the idea to her, this was the exact response I got back: "Thank you but not available." I don't blame Anthony because I'm sure the idea never even got to him, but thanks to his PR people, he will now be known for having bad manners. And it continues below.

Rob, of Detroit, says, "Hey, Jimmy, this in response to your link about the wedding registry. I found a link to the registry for Jeff Garcia and Carmella DeCesare a couple of years ago. I bought them a candle that they registered for. I little while later I got a thank you card from Carmella that had "Jeff" scrawled on it as well. I, too, saw Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vaquez's registry and bought them something as well. No card from them."

Athlete-Wedding Registry Follow Up

Actress Jessica Lowndes, from the new 90210, appears on the cover of the current issue of FHM. She also gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jessica Lowndes :: FHM

In a touching gesture, the team selected Georgia outfielderJohnathan Taylor, who became paralyzed after colliding with a teammate. The Rangers selected Taylor with their second-to-last pick of the MLB Draft. (Thanks to @LBSports for the tip.)

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Props To The Texas Rangers

Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthriewas excited to watch his favorite TV show this morning. ... Packers tight end Tom Crabtreefought a bee. ... Pacers forward Roy Hibbertwants to record cab drivers. ... I assume A's pitcher Brian McCarthy was only kidding with this Tweet to teammate Gio Gonzalez. (As always, you can follow me on Twitter for more links right here.)

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A few of you have asked me to post this even though it's been in Hot Clicks before. I figured I might as well post it today because there's nowhere for LeBron James to go but up.

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That's not supposed to happen.

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Via The Daily What comes this gem.

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