Morning Jolt: Joba done ... for good?

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Friday, June 10

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Joba done ... for good?

The sky was the limit only a few short years ago for Joba Chamberlain, and it will be again soon according to his father. Harlan got the phone call in a Yankee Stadium parking garage a little after 2 p.m. Thursday, the call from Joba telling him that he had a torn ligament in his right elbow, that he would almost certainly need Tommy John surgery and that his once-promising season was done. Three hours later, Harlan was confident enough in modern medicine and Dr. James Andrews' winning percentage to declare that his son's "best years in baseball are yet to come." He was only doing a father's job. But after yet another setback, another interruption in a career already full of them, one doesn't have to be a hopeful Red Sox fan to suspect the best of Joba Chamberlain is now behind him. (

Newton making all the right moves for Panthers

Cam Newton met President Obama on Wednesday. On Thursday, 15 minutes before an 8 a.m. practice was to start, he was catching punts at the Carolina Panthers' last unofficial, player-driven workout of June. Newton certainly could have pulled out the "had-to-meet-the-president" excuse to skip the final day of these voluntary workouts, but he didn't. You can tell he's trying his best to act like a rookie and impress with actions, not words. ... He has met about 50 of his future teammates and has seemed to be a good teammate himself for a squad desperate to get out of a 2-14 ravine and looking for hope. To be a quarterback, you must also be a leader. And while Newton is nowhere near that point with the Panthers yet, this was a promising start. (Charlotte Observer)Comment

Winnipeg backing off Jets name?

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly played the name game Thursday in Winnipeg. Daly, in town for meetings with True North Sports and Entertainment, saw some of the possibilities for the team name, but wouldn't divulge them. "I know a little bit more today than I knew yesterday," Daly said. "But I don't think that decision's been made, yet. Part of the presentation today was going through the team identity and the possibilities there. Mark (Chipman) still has a lot of good options in that regard." While the NHL owns the Jets name and is willing to give it to Chipman, the chair of True North, Daly points out the team's competitive history, including team and individual records, belongs to the Phoenix Coyotes. "One of his concerns about the Jets' name and identity is that he really doesn't own his history," Daly explained. (Winnipeg Sun)Comment

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Mexico's Jesus De Nigris and Giovani Dos Santos celebrate after scoring a goal in their face-off against El Salvador in the first round of the CONCACAF Gold Cup game. (Ray Carlin/Icon SMI)

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The Miami Heat may have come up short in their 112-103 loss against the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5, but Mario Chalmers didn't fail to impress with a half-court buzzer beater at the end of the first quarter.

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Boston Bruins at Vancouver Canucks

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