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Hot Clicks: Vanessa Hudgens; Vancouver fans riot after Stanley Cup loss


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Jimmy is in Chicago for the next few days and asked me to fill in on Hot Clicks duty, so please send all links to me at The Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night, defeating the Canucks 4-0 in Game 7, but the real action began after the final horn blew. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmanwas booed out of the buildingas he presented the Bruins the hardware. Bruins forward Mark Recchi, playing in his last pro hockey game at the age of 43, let out a nice f-bomb as he paraded around the ice with the Cup. As the Bruins celebrated in the locker room (including defenseman Johnny Boychuk opening a beer bottle with his teeth), some idiotic fans lit a car on fire, set off fireworks and caused a riot in the streets of Vancouver. Remarkably, this couple appeared to be getting it on amidst the chaos. On the Boston side, things were more upbeat as fans celebrated the victory and members of the Patriots got swept up in Bruins fever.

Wild Night in Vancouver

Canucks Fans :: ZumaPress

You'd think Dick Vitale would have better things to do than call a newspaper in Conway, N.H. about a letter to the editor that promoted some ideas about the local school superintendent. But it turns out Vitale indeed called the paper to discover that there's another person with the same name who wrote a letter to the editor. In other news, Detroit Mercy announced the it will name its court after Dick Vitale. The Dick Vitale who works for ESPN, not the Conway, N.H. resident.

So This Is What Dick Vitale Does In the Offseason

University of New Mexico safety Deshon Harmon was arrested at San Francisco International Airport after he refused to pull up his pants.

Flight Risk?

Vanessa Hudgens is trying to sell something and it involves her wearing lingerie.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

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Vanessa Hudgens :: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Wayne Rooney is on vacation in Barbados, where he hung out with Jay-Z. Or someone who looks a little nothing like Jay-Z.

Wayne's World

Don Cherry outdid himself last night with this outfit ... The 14 greatest sports conspiracies ... Women are having liposuction on their ankles ... Tupac Shakur would've turned 40 today.

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Members of the University of Texas at Arlington baseball team did "The Bernie" (a dance taken from the fantastic film, Weekend At Bernie's)

Locker Room Dance Of The Day

After two weeks of biting, punching and taunting, the Bruins and Canucks shake hands.

Hockey Tradition Video Of The Day