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Yogi Berra (Related Stories)


Yogi Berra stories in the SI Vault

The Name Is Yogi By Robert Creamer, October 22, 1956Not even the unparalleled brilliance of Don Larson's perfect game could dim the World Series luster of the squat, unbeautiful Berra -- ballplayer extraordinary.

From The Hill To The HallBy Herbery Warren Wind, March 02, 1959 On the eve of a new spring training season, Yogi Berra looms larger than ever as one of baseball's great personalities.

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Cliffhanger For Yogi And Crucial For July By Frank Deford, July 27, 1964By turns pensive, puzzled and authoritative, the Yankee boss endures the most important series of his managerial career.

They Went And Got 'em By William Leggett, August 31, 1964Three weeks ago the Yankees were leading the American League and, as Yogi Berra put it, the Orioles and White Sox would 'have to come and get us.' They did, but good, and pushed New York into third place. Now Baltimore and Chicago are going at it ferociously in their last clashes of the season.

YogiBy Roy Blount Jr., April 02, 1984 As a reincarnated Yankee skipper, Yogi Berra is working for George Steinbrenner. Is Yogi worried about longevity? No. He knows a managing job, like a ball game, ain't over 'til it's over.

You Can Quote Us By John Garrity, August 11, 2003From Yogi to Dizzy to Satchel, Missourians have always provided pearls of wisdom.