Hot Clicks: Alison Waite; athletes embrace "Planking" crazy

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Back on May 16, I posted a video about the new "planking" craze and told you guys not to send me any videos because the whole thing was dumb. Well, a little over a month later, it seems that athletes have discovered this lame practice and they're planking like crazy.

I Lied

Gilbert Arenas :: @agentzeroshow

The Bruins' bar tap from their Stanley Cup celebration party went viral last week. Among the long list of beverages on the bill was a charge for one Amstel Light. The beer company is looking for the person who ordered it.

Free Beer

Here are two recent (and short) interviews where White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen talks about whether he'd ever onDancing with the Stars, and what he'd say toSteve Bartman.

Ozzie Unplugged

Alison Waite is model and reality TV star. She's also today's LLOD.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Alison Waite :: Steven Lawton/Getty Images

Raiders quarterback Jason Campbellgot stood up. ... Colts punter Pat McAfeeis enamored with the U.S. national soccer team's goalie, Hope Solo. ... Jaguars kicker Josh Scobeewore a bathing suit with the word "lust" on the butt. ... Lawyer Milloyis confused byRegis & Kelly. ... As always, you can follow me on Twitter.

Today On Twitter

Reader Stephanie Pendergrass, says, "I was searching for a stylus for my iPad and came across this. I can't decide if it's genius or the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Thoughts?" My thought is that it looks like something you'd see in a toilet bowl, so disturbing.

Bizarre Product Of The Day

I wanted to put the trough debate from last week to bed, but I had to print this from Matt Wheatley, of Ottawa. "Jimmy, my first time at Fenway Park years ago, I was sitting in the bleachers area. During the second innning, my buddy and I went into the washroom only to see the trough. We had a good laugh about it until the guy beside me dropped dead. That's my memory of seeing a trough, and a dead guy for the first time. The site's great by the way."

E-Mail Of The Day

Texans wide receiver David Anderson shows off his Manhattan Beach crib in this funny video.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here's a lesson to anyone out there making videos: Always dub in an announcer's call.

Beer Pong Video Of The Day