Hot Clicks: Camilla Luddington; baseball player injures knee during celebration

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A group of Oregon State athletes have joined forces with Habitat for Humanity to build a house for a family in need in Skopje, Macedonia. The mission is titled Beavers Without Borders, but we're going to move right along. While in Macedonia, the group played some hoops, and sophomore guard Roberto Nelson ended up looking like that after shattering the backboard on a dunk.

Dangerous Dunk

Roberto Nelson

We've had quite the run of bizarre injuries this week. Fausto Carmona landed on the DL after tumbling down the first base line. Golfer Thomas Levetbroke his shin jumping in a lake. And now we have Marlins Class AAA player Josh Kroegerblowing out his knee while celebrating a walk-off win.

Bizarre Injury Of The Day

Swedish soccer player Josefine Öqvist was so happy with her team's World Cup win over North Korea on Saturday that she went to the stands and traded shirts with a fan.(Thanks to Jan, of Muenster, Germany and Sergio M da Silveira Filho, of Recife, Brazil, for the tip.)

Celebration Of The Day

Actress Camilla Luddingtonis the latest woman to be featured in's ongoing "Me In My Place" photo gallery series.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Camilla Luddington ::

The Lowell Spinners (Red Sox Class A affiliate) shot a guy out of a cannon for a "human home run" at their game last night. Meanwhile, the A's will give awayMC Hammer bobbleheads on July 17.


Reason No. 4,201 to love Vin Scully: Last night, he bashed the 77 percent of fans who voted in favor of the All-Star Game determining homefield advantage for the World Series in one of those lame in-game polls.

He Speaks The Truth

Rough day for these two guys.

Battle Of The Sexes Video Of The Day

Chick Shows Up Two Guys Carrying Washing Machine - Watch more Funny Videos

Via comes this video of a guy who was supposed to go to an amusement park last weekend, but got jilted by his friends. The result is a depressing yet hilarious story. (Warning: Video contains strong language.)

Guilt Trip Video Of The Day

Water Park from Brian Chandler on Vimeo.