Hot Clicks: Julie-Marie Berman; painful Running of the Bull photo

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How's this for eerie? Right after S.M., of Brooklyn, N.Y., alerted me to this photo from today's Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, Bobby U., of Arlington, Texas, sent me this e-mail that a looney bride-to-be sent the best man about the groom's upcoming bachelor party.

Photo Of The Day

Running Of The Bulls :: EPA/JESUS CASO

Deadspin unearthed some must-see photos of Mark Cuban from the '70s. The site also got Cuban to comment on each of the photos.

Speaking Of Classic Photos...

Marlins outfielder Mike Stanton hit a walk off home run last night. This gave his teammates an excuse to torture him during his postgame interview.

The Price Of Success

William, of Cincinnati, says, "Jimmy, long story short. I was off from work Tuesday fixing a busted pipe that exploded. While doing my work, my girlfriend was watching General Hospital. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this beauty wearing some racy lingerie. The girlfriend tells me her name is Julie-Marie Berman. You might want to make her the LLOD." I think that's a good idea.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Julie-Marie Berman :: Jonathan Leibson/FilmMagic

Judging from her Twitter profile picture, the wife of A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy looks like a beautiful woman. Judging from this Tweet she sent her husband last night, she also seems pretty funny and cool. (Thanks to David, of Los Angeles, for the tip.)

Behind Every Man...

Tony Stano, of St. Paul, Minn., says, "Jimmy, with the Minnesota government shutdown, a lot of my friends are out of work. They are all loyal followers of Hot Clicks and have banded together in a moustache growing protest to try to get the attention of our legislators. Most of them look as ridiculous with staches as our government is acting during this shutdown. I hope you can help this movement go national!"

E-Mail Of The Day

In today's A.M Hot Clicks, I posted an e-mail from Michael Meyer, of Cleveland, who was about to take his bar exam and used the Roy Williams engagement ring story to help him out. Well, according to other readers, Michael is screwed. Bart Seafaring, of Wichita, Kan., says, "Michael Meyer, of Cleveland, will fail the Ohio bar exam. The law of engagement rings is Personal Property, not Real Property. Real Property deals with land, something Michael should have learned his first day of law school. With the bar only a few weeks away, Michael should turn off the TV and focus. If he can't distinguish personal from real property, how will he recognize a "springing executory interest" or a "contingent remainder subject to condition precedent" on the test? Good luck, Michael, there's always dental school." Danny Stahl, of Leawood, Kan., says, "Jimmy, your reader Michael Meyer is right and wrong. See the issue is, Roy, being the moron that he is, gave the ring to her on Valentine's Day. While studying for the CPA exam, Peter Olinto (famous among us CPA and CFAs) screamed into the camera DO NOT ASK YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO MARRY YOU ON VALENTINES DAY, CHRISTMAS, NEW YEARS, OR HER BIRTHDAY! Why? you ask... well cause now the condition part is gone. The ring is now a gift for said holiday. Therefore, Thanks Roy for that kick ass Valentine's Day gift!" And Benjamin Turk, of Cleveland, said, "Jimmy, I'm all about Hot Clicks man, nicely done. While reading Thursday's A.M. edition, I came across the email comment from Michael Meyer, of Cleveland with respect to the engagement ring as a conditional gift. I am an attorney here in Cleveland and while he is correct that an engagement ring is conditioned upon not only the acceptance of the proposal but also the actual following through with the marriage ceremony, it ought to be appreciated that if the ring is given on a recognized Holiday; e.g. Christmas, Birthday, New Years, Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day (an Ohio Holiday), etc. it is an UNCONDITIONAL GIFT; i.e. if there is donative intent, delivery and acceptance then the giver is NOT entitled to that gift's return. The glitch in this fact pattern is that Williams mailed the ring the day before Valentine's Day. Therefore, the Defendant here can argue, inter alia, that the ring, while attached to the condition of acceptance of the proposal and the subsequent marriage, was an unconditional Valentine's Day gift and therefore does not have to be returned to Williams. Mr. Meyer would do well to remember this point if he gets an essay question on this year's Bar Examination. Good luck Michael!"

No More Legal Mumbo Jumbo In Hot Clicks

This guy lost his leg to cancer in 2009. Here's his first time back in the gym.

Inspirational Video Of The Day

There's a show in the Netherlands called Worst Driver in Holland. This guy is it.

Reality Show Video Of The Day