Hot Clicks: Kelly Brannigan; Derek Jeter's top pop culture moments

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With Derek Jeter on the verge of becoming the 28th player in major league history to reach 3,000 hits, looks back at his best pop culture moments, including his singing of Derek Jeter's Taco Hole on Saturday Night Live.

His Finest Off Field Moments

Derek Jeter :: AP

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco got married last week. One of his wedding pictures is pretty classic.

Best Snap He's Taken

With umpires consistently losing their cool and looking to argue, looks at the ones most likely to give the heave-ho.

Worst Of The Worst

John D., of Portland, Maine, says, "Hey, Jimmy, has Kelly Brannigan made LLOD yet? Check out her pics!" She hasn't been the LLOD yet and I did check out her pics. Now, she's the LLOD.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Kelly Brannigan :: AP

Ryan, of Charlottesville, Va., was so moved and affected by the e-mail that was in Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks from a bride-to-be to the best man that he sent in this e-mail, with a real heartfelt ending: "Hey, Jimmy. I just got my PhD on Tuesday, so how about doing me a favor and posting this one? Reading about that bride trying to dictate the terms of her fiance's bachelor party reminded me of a terrible bachelor party I went to. I was in the wedding of a good friend of mine, and his brother and best man (who is a really cool guy) had some great ideas for a party, like hitting up Atlantic City or renting a cabin in the middle of nowhere and just having a weekend-long party. But the bride complained about all because 'someone could get hurt.' Instead, we ended up going to a Phillies game on the Fourth of July. The best man rented a van and driver so we could all drink on the ride into the city and not worry about getting around. Sounds all right, but doomed from the beginning. The groom's dad, stepdad, and the bride's freakin' father all come along! After the game, we go out for food, and hardly anyone (other than my best friend and I) was doing any drinking. Then we ended up driving back home before the fireworks even started. In Philadelphia. Where they signed the Declaration of Independence. Worst of all, when we got back to the best man's apartment (which has a pool table and dart board, so we still could have had fun), the groom basically says goodnight and leaves before midnight! We still had 3/4 of cooler full of beer left! Later, we find out that the bride didn't want him out on an overnight party. I felt sorry for the best man because he really did the best he could. I could go on, but I don't want this to get too long. It was so bad that it was almost good...almost. The only thing that made it bearable was that my best friend and I just didn't care about who was there and said whatever we wanted. We also took over that wedding reception. The thing you have to understand is that the groom used to be the most foul-mouthed, do-anything guy you've ever met. I've never seen a guy more at home in a strip club. Now, every e-mail/letter we get from him and his wife includes a picture of them and their two cats dressed up in cat Halloween/Christmas costumes. Sadly, the guy I knew seems to be dead...RIP old friend, RIP.

E-Mail Of The Day

Jon, of Cincinnati says, "On the one year anniversary of "The Decision," check out this license plate I saw on a car in my garage on the way to lunch."

Photo Of The Day

The Texas Rangers have set up a memorial account in honor of Shannon Stone, the fan who was tragically killed falling out of the stands Thursday night.


Via It's Always Sunny in Detroit comes this impressive slide into home plate.

Sports Video Of The Day

Kevin O'Neill, of Richmond, Canada, says, "Last night we rolled up to a red light to find two dudes going off to Backstreet Boys. Fortunately, we caught it on camera. But the best part is an ambulance was coming up behind them and they thought it was the cops. Just watch and see!"

Singing Video Of The Day

Sure, this is a great video, but the only person who should be more embarrassed than these guys is Kevin. Why? Because Kevin had the nerve to write that these guys were singing to the Backstreet Boys. IT WAS *NYSNC! How dare you get your boy bands mixed up! Especially when the tune is Bye, Bye, Bye.

Robert Taylor, of Moscow, Idaho, says, "Can you help this Marine in Afghanistan ask Mila Kunis to the Marine Ball? Thanks." Do it, Mila!

Help A Marine Video Of The Day