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Derek Jeter stories in the SI Vault

New York ... New YorkBy Gerry Callahan, May 06, 1996There's a blast from the past in the Big Apple, where rookie shortstop Rey Ordonez of the Mets...and his Yankees counterpart, Derek Jeter, evoke memories of Pee Wee and the Scooter.

Long On Shortstops By Tom Verducci, February 24, 1997The Yankees' Derek Jeter is part of a rich crop of young players who are redefining the position.

Prince Of The City By Michael Silver, June 21, 1999Gotham loves its real bat man, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, who's got what it takes -- looks, poise, talent -- to be the top banana in the Big Apple.

Dear Derek... By Rick Reilly, August 13, 2001The locker next to Derek Jeter's in the New York Yankees' home clubhouse throbs with his unopened mail. It piles up in feet. Spills onto the carpet. Gives off odd smells. Aches to be opened. So I asked him if I could open it all. He said yes. Here's what I found in 261 pieces of mail.

Hitting Bottom By Tom Verducci, June 07, 2004Even great hitters aren't immune to horrific slumps. How does a player like Derek Jeter suddenly lose his way at the plate -- and how does he find his way back?

SI MLB Players PollJune 23, 2008Who is the most overrated player in baseball?

Never Better By Joe Posnanski, November 11, 2009A longtime critic of Derek Jeter argues that the Yankees' captain was underappreciated in 2009.

2009 Sportsman Of The Year: Derek JeterBy Tom Verducci, December 7, 2009It is not so much what he accomplished at 35 -- a fifth World Series ring capping a historic season, to be sure -- as how the Yankees' shortstop arrived at his iconic place. Being the ultimate team player and a role model synonymous with winning has brought him still another title.