Morning Jolt: Rockies fielding offers for Jimenez

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Friday, July 15

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Rockies fielding offers for Jimenez

Though the Rockies may not be looking to move Ubaldo Jimenez, they are reportedly willing to listen of offers. And with the Rockies having failed to meet expectations in the first half, and pitching in a severe shortage in the major leagues, plenty of teams at least want to explore the possibilities with the Rockies and Jimenez. There were requests for 17 scouts tickets for the Rockies game against Milwaukee, in which Jimenez started, well above normal. Among teams with interest are Detroit, Atlanta, Cincinnati, the New York Yankees, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago White Sox and Cleveland. Jimenez struggled at the start of the season, but finished the first half strong. (

Vick's health may keep Kolb in Philly

The Eagles are doing what they can to help keep Michael Vick healthy, but his game isn't always suited to staying that way. By the time the Eagles had their rematch against the Packers in the playoffs, Vick was a shell of the video game-like character who replaced the woozy [Kevin Kolb] in the season-opening first meeting. There is little reason to believe Vick won't be as exposed to possible injury in the coming season. ... His 100 carries last year, projected over a full 16-game season, would have been 133, the highest total of his career. And then there is the Eagles offensive line, which at last gander still had tackle Winston Justice protecting Vick's blind side. So Vick will do his thing, and he will likely be sidelined for some stretch. And that's where Kolb should come in. (Philadelphia Inquirer)Comment

Neuheisel's time is running out

A tan face, cheerfully checkered shorts and a casual manner belie the obvious. Rick Neuheisel has one more chance, and he knows it. In less than two months, he will begin what could be a final sweaty awakening from his dream job, a tortured process in which he might be tossed out of bed by angry alumni and thrown into the streets by Dan Guerrero. The UCLA football coach must win at least half of his games and play in a bowl or he's gone, and he knows it. "I hate talking like that, but, as an alumni, I would say absolutely yes," Neuheisel said Thursday. ... "Obviously, I've had a number of conversations like, 'Hey, you're on the hot seat, you're the No. 1 guy on the hot seat,'" he says. (Los Angeles Times)Comment

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Mat Latos does his best Randy Jones impersonation before taking the mound against the Giants on Thursday. (AP)

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Here's Dwyane Wade block a kid in a game of knockout ... and then lose.

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Red Sox at Rays, 7:10 p.m. ET

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  • 1912 -- Jim Thorpe wins the decathlon at the Stockholm Olympics and, in the closing ceremony and Sweden's King Gustav proclaims him the world's greatest athlete.
  • 1961 -- Arnold Palmer shoots a 284 at Royal Birkdale to win his first British Open title.
  • 1978 -- Jack Nicklaus shoots a 281 at St. Andrews to win his third and final British Open.