Hot Clicks: Breanne Racano; Chad Ochocinco wants to live with Patriots fan

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Constant-attention seeker Chad Ochocinco's latest publicity stunt involves him possibly living with a Patriots fan for a few weeks during the season. These guys desperately want to be chosen. Meanwhile, someone had fun with this nonsense by making a great craigslist ad for the new Patriot.

Roommate Wanted

Chad Ochocinco :: AP

Astros slugger Carlos Leefouled a ball off his FACE last night.


Many thanks to the lovely Erin Andrews for Tweeting this picture last night of a Packers fan backyard fence. And many thanks to the SI Vault for Tweeting this photo of Giants defensive end Justin Tuck's towel. And I'm not sure I should thank anyone for this, but here's a Nike hamburger shoe.


Ben, of Lausanne, Switzerland, says, "Jimmy, on Sunday's episode of Entourage, Ari Gold made one of the least believable decisions in the show's history, turning down the chance to spend the night with the lovely Breanne Racano. What was going through his head is any psychiatrist's dream (and I'm sure Jeremy Piven fought the script writers until the final edit on this one), but the least you can do is feature her in Hot Clicks to make up for it!" Who knew Entourage and Hot Clicks were so big in Switzerland? As for this being the least believable decision in show history, I stopped watching Entourage a while ago, but I'd imagine that's a hotly contested battle. Anyway, many thanks to Ben for bringing Breanne Racano to our attention.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Breanne Racano :: Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

An Orioles fan caught a home run ball at three consecutive games this week.

I Hope He Plays The Lottery This Week

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UPDATE, 12:05 p.m.: Contest is over. DVDs are gone. Winners have been e-mailed.

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The Big Lebowski

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Hot Clicks has featured many parkour videos over the years, but this is the first time the star is a dog.

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Police try to lasso a bull...from their car.

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