Hot Clicks: Sara Jean Underwood; Moth flies in Matt Holliday's ear

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Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday had to leave last night's game against the Dodgers when a moth flew INTO his ear.


Matt Holliday :: AP

Rick, of Houston, says, "Here's one for your Hot Clicks, Jimmy. Being a Red Sox fan, I hesitated to send it to you given you're such a Yankees goober, but I thought you and your readers would enjoy it nonetheless." This goober appreciates you sharing this tidbit about Red Sox designated hitter Ryan Lavarnway. Speaking of the Red Sox-Rangers game, you'll want to see this Texas fan throw down his girlfriend's Boston hat.

Closed Captioning Blunder Of The Day

The Bethany College men's golf team has caused an uproar because they posed naked for a team photo with golf clubs covering their intimate areas. The entire team has been suspended, which seems a bit over the top for a harmless prank. But let's hear what the team's captain had to say. "It was only intended as a bit of fun with the lads." Oh, the captain's name? Jack Hiscock. Seriously.

What's In A Name? A Lot.

Few women generate as much e-mail to my inbox as G4 host Sara Jean Underwood. For some reason, the requests to feature her have been even higher than usual lately. So I'm giving you what you want.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Sara Jean Underwood :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last week Hot Clicks told you about the new -- and ridiculous -- trophy that the winner of the Iowa-Iowa State football game will receive. Here's a look at 10 other terrible college football rivalry trophies.

Losing For Winning

Based on its new uniforms, Maryland football wants to be Oregon. ... The Tigers' announcers got a case of the giggles last night when they realized a player had some gas issues in the dugout. ... Tennessee football might want to rethink its slogan.

Random Links

You gotta check out the sick catch made by Twins center fielder Ben Revere last night.

Sports Video Of The Day

Rex Chapman: He went to Kentucky, was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets eighth overall in the 1988 NBA draft, and also played for the Bullets, Heat and Suns. He averaged 14.6 points per game in the NBA. More important than all of that, he's also responsible for one of the greatest karaoke videos ever. After watching this, you'll never be able to listen to When Doves Cry the same way. The best part is that Chapman himself Tweeted out the video, saying, "Watch at own risk. Air-Force mids, jorts, belt, Karl-Kani hoody = pure sex symbol. An Idiot King who would be Prince?" (Thanks to Jason, of Elizabethtown, Kent., for the link.)

Music Video Of The Day