Hot Clicks: Lauren Stoner; Peyton Manning consecutive starts streak to end

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Animals seem to like the Florida Marlins. A few weeks ago, a praying mantis scared the you-know-what out of outfielder Logan Morrison. Last night, a black cat freaked out a few fans, especially the lady on the right.

Photo Of The Day

Marlins fans :: AP

Phillies outfielder John Mayberry Jr. reportedly wanted to "meet" actress Antoinette Nikprelaj. Unfortunately for Mayberry: 1) his method for going about this has been made public, and 2) Nikprelaj is married.

Can't Blame Him For Trying

Tiki Barber wanted to make an NFL comeback, but no team was dumb enough to take a chance on the 36-year-old. Based on this story about his 24-year-old girlfriend and their fondness for walking around naked, there's no need to feel sorry for him.

Sounds Like He'll Be All Right

After seeing model Lauren Stoner, the girlfriend of director Michael Bay, on TMZ this morning, I thought she deserved today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Lauren Stoner :: AP

Peyton Manning's consecutive starts streak will end this week. To illustrated just how long Manning's been taking snaps for the Colts, check out these funny charts.

Man Down

Once again, Hot Clicks is running an NFL Pick 'Em Pool. All you have to do it pick each game each week WITH THE POINT SPREAD. Whomever has the most correct picks at the end of the season wins a prize package. I don't know what that is yet, but I will keep you posted. Anyway, you should be able to join the pool right here. The league ID is Hot Clicks (or 59414) and the password is hotclicks. Good luck.

Get In The Pool

Listen to this announcer maintain a Gus Johnson level of mania for a full three minutes. (Thanks to Ryan, of Bend, Ore., for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

C.M. Punk is all the rage in pro wrestling these days. Here's Punk with John Cena singing Take Me Home Country Roads at a show in Wheeling, W. Va., over the weekend.

Singing Wrestlers Video Of The Day

Here's how a couple of old-school wrestlers did it.

Singing Wrestlers Video Of The Day, No. 2