Hot Clicks: Chantel Hovde; Jose Reyes leaves game after one inning for batting title

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Tom Brady's luscious locks are no more. The quarterback was so distraught by the Patriots' loss to the Bills last Sunday that he cut off all his hair. Actually, I made that up. The distraught part. Not the part about him getting a haircut.

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Tom Brady :: AP

Shortstop Jose Reyes asked the Mets to pull him from today's game after he led off with a bunt hit because he wanted to preserve his batting average lead on Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun. The Brewers' slugger would have to go 3-for-4 tonight in order to overtake Reyes for the batting title. How do you feel about this move?

Root For Ryan Braun To Go 3-For-4 Tonight

Find out how a mother's Facebook update led to a high school football team vacating three wins.

Bizarre Story Of The Day

Model Chantel Hovde gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Chantel Hovde :: Derek Heisler

Check out how a bad snap got turned into a touchdown for this high school running back. (Thanks to Mike, of North Canton, Ohio, for the link.)

Here's Something You Haven't Seen Before

Ti Ioane, of Suisun City, says, "Hey, Jimmy, check out this screenshot of the closest win (or closest loss depending on how you look at it) possible in fantasy football. BTW, it was my team that edged out my girlfriend's team. She was none too pleased the rest of the week." ... A Nebraska fan has become a Wisconsin booster just to get cheaper tickets for this Saturday's football game in Madison. ... Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundydanced like a wild man in the locker room after last week's win.

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I'm a little skeptical that this isn't set up, but the kid in the background is pretty funny, so I'm going to overlook it. (Thanks to Josh Altares, of Beaumont, Texas, for the link.)

Dancing Kid Video Of The Day

Can someone in Hot Clicks Nation try this and let me know if it works? (Thanks to The Daily What for the video.)

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