Hot Clicks: Gemma Atkinson; Browns fan ejected from stadium for standing

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If you are still amazed by what took place Wednesday night (which was covered in A.M. Hot Clicks), here are a few more links for you. This is a photo gallery of the best photos from yesterday's action. This is a side-by-side video of the last four minutes of Red Sox-Orioles and Yankees-Rays. Lastly, here's a story about whiskey saving Tampa's season.

Baseball Leftovers

St. Louis Cardinals :: Reuters

If any Cleveland Browns fans are reading this, I must warn you: Do not stand up when you attend a home game. You'll get kicked out of the stadium. (Thanks to Pete W., of, Cleveland, for the link.)

This Seems A Tad Unreasonable

Forward Rocco Grimaldi was the Panthers second-round draft pick this year. He recently went on Twitter to tell women to put their boobs away and to tell men not to sleep with a lot of women. I'm going to assume Grimaldi does not follow Paul Bissonette, aka BizNasty2Point0, who recently explained to The Hot Clicks Podcast how he goes about "meeting" women who follow him on Twitter.

Thank Goodness For Twitter

Chris, of N.Y., says, "Jimmy, being a Red Sox fan in New York is already hard enough. After the events that happened last night, I know I'm going to be down for awhile. I think that was harder to swallow than Aaron Boone's walk off. Can you please make Gemma Atkinson todays LLOD?" To show that I have a heart and to extend an olive branch to a member of Red Sox Nation, I will honor this request.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Gemma Atkinson :: Brian Jordan/Photoshot/Newscom

If you saw Moneyball, you know that no one portrayed in the movie comes off worse than former A's manager Art Howe, who was played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Howe has finally gotten around to seeing the film, and he's pissed. (Thanks to Eric H., of Mill Valley, Calif., for the link.)

Thumbs Down From This Guy

We've recently featured a couple of items about older women funneling beer and doing keg stands at college football games. Clutch Blog has found six other videos in this fascinating genre for your viewing pleasure.

Go, Grandma!

A lot of TV shows and movies liked to say "it was the '90s" back in the '90s.

Compilation Of The Day

IT'S THE 90S! from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

Ed, of Houston Heights, Texas, says, "Sure, Lance can beat cancer and win the Tour de France like 27 times, but can he do this?"

Commercial Of The Day