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Morning Jolt: Henne's season may be over

Wednesday, October 5

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Henne's season may be over

Chad Henne is out, and that will be the case for some time. His left shoulder is separated badly enough the Dolphins even might have lost him for the year depending on what's decided, according to a source. Are we at the point in the movie you check the sky for swarms of locusts to descend on this franchise? Or does the biblical drought generally precede the locusts? It's hard to say who you feel worse for in this: Henne, who put in such hard work toward this season; or yourself, for having to watch what has all the ingredients for another unwatchable season. ... This injury won't end Henne's career, though depending on what course of action he decides it might end his time with the Dolphins. (Sun-Sentinel)Comment

Indians ready to walk from Sizemore

The clock is ticking on Grady Sizemore's future in Cleveland. It's shouldn't be a surprise that [Sizemore] had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Monday in Vail, Colo. ... The good news: it wasn't microfracture surgery. The bad news: it was Sizemore's fifth surgery in the last three years. Now for the big question. The Indians hold a $9 million club option on Sizemore for 2012. He's played 104 games in the last two years and is returning from yet another operation. So what will ownership do? "Not going to speculate on that," said GM Chris Antonetti in a text. "We'll let you know when we have a decision on the option." If the Indians don't exercise the option, Sizemore is eligible for free agency. (Plain Dealer)Comment

Bryant says he's undecided on Italy

Kobe Bryant, with his international fame, his obvious endorsement power, ties to Italy and the fact he's one of the world's best basketball players, remains the most interesting case of a player who may play overseas. [Bryant] was a participant in Tuesday's labor talks where the players and owners were unable to get a deal done. Bryant was asked what his plans are in light of the situation. "Train," said Bryant. "Same as always." Bryant was then asked about contract talks in Italy. "I'm up in the air," said Bryant. David Stern commented the possibility for Kobe to play in Italy: "That is his right. If he does that I wish him well, be safe, play well and eventually come back". (Sportando)Comment

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