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Hot Clicks: Fox Sports Florida Girls; Cardinals could win man $375,000

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So Wrong, But So Entertaining

LeGarrette Blount :: AP

The big news of the day is that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has been killed. Believe it or not, there's a sports connection here. The guy who captured Gadhafi was wearing a Yankees cap.

Yankees Make Their Presence Known In October

Read about the guy who could win $375,000 (while only putting up $500) if the Cardinals win the World Series.

Betting Story Of The Day

Adam, of Tampa, says, "Hey, Jimmy. Can you help a reader out? So, I'm waiting for my flight home to Tampa when I notice a really pretty girl sitting at my terminal. She was clearly out of my league but rather than just give up, I decided to approach her figuring I'll at least get an amusing rejection story out of it that I can tell my friends. Instead of being stuck up, she ends up being one of the sweetest, nicest, most outgoing people I've met. Her name is Annilie (left) and it turns out she just started working as a Fox Sports Florida Girl. This, of course, led to us discussing you featuring the Fox Sports Detroit Girls on your website awhile back, and that now they're trying to do the same thing in Florida. We ended up talking the whole flight to Tampa (she and her friend Jordana were flying in for the Lightning game) and in addition to being a Florida girl, she's a former Miss USA contestant and a huuuuge Miami Dolphins fan. Given the Dolphins problems this year, I thought this might cheer up the fan base. Also, being a big, dumb male, I told the girls I would write to you and see if you might feature them as the LLOD. Of course, being a big, dumb male, when we got to Tampa, I left and forgot to get her phone number. There's probably a zero percent chance this will work, but do you think you could help the girls out (and maybe give me another shot with Annilie) by featuring them as the LLOD?" Adam is very lucky that I'm a romantic at heart because I feel for the poor schlub. Therefore, Annilie and the Fox Sports Florida Girls are getting today's LLOD honors. If someone out there knows Annilie, tell her to e-mail me so I can give her Adam's e-mail address in hopes that these two crazy kids get together.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Fox Sports Florida Girls

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