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Hot Clicks: Madalina Ghenea; more fallout from Tony La Russa bullpen fiasco

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The fallout from Tony La Russa's Game 5 bizarre bullpen phone snafu continues. Fortunately for us, part of the fallout includes this video set to Led Zeppelin's Communication Breakdown. (Thanks to Chris Files, of St. Louis, for the video.)

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Tony La Russa :: AP

If so, SportsPickle is here to help. The site has posted a quick guide on how to dress up as several sports personalities.

Still Need A Halloween Costume?

It's not quite on the level as Baby Mangino, but Little Derek Dooley is pretty outstanding.

Speaking Of Halloween

Reports say Leonardo DiCaprio's latest conquest is model Madalina Ghenea. As usual, Leo displays excellent taste.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Madalina Ghenea :: Cinzia Camela/ABACAUSA.COM/Newscom

Creator of the popular sports website, Jason McIntyre, joined the latest episode of The Hot Clicks Podcast to discuss a variety of sports media topics, betting lines, Twitter and much more. Listen to it below or download it here.

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The Hot Clicks Podcast

This bathroom floor adds a whole new dimension to doing a number one. ... We posted an item the other day about a Texas Rangers baseball fan who wore a New York Rangers hockey jersey to Game 4 of the World Series. He's been found and interviewed. ... Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and wife Candice Crawfordare expecting a baby.

Random Links

Toshiba is giving away one of its 32-inch SL415U LED HDTVs to a reader. The television comes equipped with NetTV, built in WiFi, and Yahoo's fantasy football app. The first person to e-mail me ( the answer to the following questions wins the TV. You must e-mail me the answers and put "Contest" in the subject line. Do not fill out the form below. Also, all answers come from recent editions of Hot Clicks. One note: Unfortunatley, Toshiba cannot ship outside the U.S., so this is only open to people in the U.S.

1. Hot Clicks just posted video of Mark Cuban doing karaoke to what song?

2. A Vikings fan recently asked Hot Clicks to help him decide if he should raise his son as a Packers fan or Vikings fan. What was his son's first name?

3. Hot Clicks has featured three sets of Fox Sports Girls. Name the three regions to be featured. (Answers should be Fox Sports______ )

4. If a Packers wide receiver drops a pass, they have to give the other receivers a gift card to which store?

5. Name the radio show that thought my saracastic Tweet about the Raiders trading Darren McFadden and draft picks for Plaxico Burress was legitimate.

6. Name the woman who was featured in Hot Clicks holding up a sign that said "TX CHICKS HEART HOT CLICKS"?

7. Which woman was recently featured on back-to-back days in Hot Clicks as a Lovely Lady of the Day and then in the Photo Gallery of the Day section?

UPDATE: 12:10: Contest is over. Anand Patel, of Carrboro, N.C., is the winner. Answer were 1) Purple Rain; 2) Desmond; 3) Fox Sports Florida, Fox Sports Detroit, Fox Sports Arizona; 4) Best Buy; 5) Brock and Salk Show; 6) Blair Eckerle; 7) Lee-Ann Liebenberg

Giveaway Of The Day

Courtesy of Toshiba

Check out the spin pass Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane pulled off last night.

Sports Video Of The Day

Many of you have sent in this video of a house that lights up in sync with LMFAO Party Rock Anthem. While it's visually appealing, my condolences to anyone who lives on that block, because that has to be annoying.

Halloween Light Show Video Of The Day