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Hot Clicks: Courtney Ford; sports carved pumpkins; athletes in costumes

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Here is 's latest installment of the wackiest, funniest and most offbeat images from the past week.

Did You See That?

Vikings fan :: AP

Major League Baseball (the folks who banned the Mets from wearing FDNY and NYPD hats on 9/11) had one of the greatest World Series games in the sport's history on Thursday night. Everyone is talking about the game today and baseball has some buzz. In addition to the unbelievable back-and-forth in the late innings, you also had a special moment in which Fox announcer Joe Buckpaid tribute to his late father with his call of David Freese's game-winning homer by using the call Jack Buck did on Kirby Puckett's homer in 1991. So, what do the rocket scientists at MLB decide to do Friday afternoon? Pull all the video of Freese's homer, and pull the video of Puckett's home run off of YouTube. The median age of the World Series viewer is 52 or 53 years old. Overall, World Series ratings are near an all-time low. Shows like Dancing with the Stars and Two and a Half Men have beaten in the World Series in the ratings. So what does MLB do? Remove the video from the place people in the desired 18-49 age bracket go to watch videos. Remove the videos that can help them market their support and generate some interest in their sport. Nice job.

MLB's Ineptness On Full Display

I'm not criticizing Wizards guard Jordan Crawford for having a positive attitude or lofty goals. Those things are commendable. However, here's a rule he and other NBA players should adhere to: Under NO circumstances should you ever compare yourself to Michael Jordan. EV-ER.

Not As Clueless As MLB, But Close

Joe, of Marietta, Ga., says, "After her fantastic appearance on The Big Bang Theory last night, I think you need to make Courtney Ford LLOD." I didn't see the show, but Joe's suggestion is solid, so Courtney Ford gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Courtney Ford :: Kathy Hutchins Photography/Newscom

Here's a guide on how to dress up as some someone from the college football world. ... Here are a bunch of sports pumpkin carvings. ... And here are some photos of athletes dressed in costumes.

Halloween Links has compiled 20 videos of great juke moves in college football history.

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Smooth Moves

Greg Freebury, says, "Hey, Jimmy, so I was reading about the 'Tebowing' craze for the first time on Hot Clicks yesterday. Little did I know that the impending baseball game that I was slated to attend later that night was going to turn out to be one of the most epic World Series games ever played. I mean, this was the kind of topsy-turvy, exhilarating, cardiac arrest-inducing games that only comes along once in a generation! Clearly 'Tebowing' was invented for a game like this. Here is a picture of my roommate and me 'Tebowing' five minutes after David Freese's walk off home run in the bottom of the 11th.

Tebow Of The Day

Tim Boone, of Baton Rouge, La., says, "My girlfriend and I, along with our dachshund, Riley, are competing in this online contest sponsored by a Abita, a great South Louisiana brewery. We were a little ahead of an entry from a huge local tailgate crew until you put up a link to that entry from Purdue. Now, the Purdue folks shot way ahead of the field. Can you kind of balance out the force by putting up links on Hot Clicks to our entry and the one from the big tailgate crew, and then just letting the chips fall where they may? I've gone on record as saying if we win, we'll host a giant barbecue for the SEC Championship Game. And I'll tool around the neighborhood riding a motorized cooler, dressed as Kenny Powers. And my girlfriend will put this up on YouTube. I don't know the members of the big tailgate crew, but they've got a purple-and-gold school bus. They are representing LSU tailgating to the fullest, so that makes them OK in my book. Poor little Riley is very sad that he's not leading the competition. He's so depressed that he's been sleeping all day long. He's the Derek Zoolander of dogs -- not smart, but very handsome. And he loves to tailgate."

E-Mail Of The Day

Creator of the popular sports website, Jason McIntyre, joined the latest episode of The Hot Clicks Podcast to discuss a variety of sports media topics, betting lines, Twitter and much more. Listen to it below or download it here.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Guess who got the Taiwanese animation treatment?

Sports Video Of The Day

Here's a funny video that shows what would happen if stores followed the online shopping model.

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