Hot Clicks: Nadejda Savcova; Kim Kardashian sports prop bets

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Yesterday, we began the month-long movement known as Movember. For the next 30 days, men will grow mustaches and raise money for prostate cancer awareness. Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller has taken Movember to another level by putting pictures of his teammates -- in mustaches -- on his mask. If you follow athletes on Twitter, you'll know that many of them are participating in the charity event. A few of my colleagues are also raising money. You can donate to their team here.

Here Comes The Hair

Jonas Hiller :: AP

After the classic World Series Game 6 between the Rangers and Cardinals, Hot Clicks mentioned that the SI Vault Twitter feed found a great photo of a female fan holding a sign that said, "He told me I can have an engagement ring or World Series ticket. Here I am." The man behind the SI Vault Twitter feed (and my Hot Clicks fill in) Andy Gray, caught up with that fan for this Q&A.

"I Got A Lot Of High Fives" sent out some newly offered prop bets this afternoon. You can actually bet on these things.

Kim Kardashian's next boyfriend will be?
Professional Athlete: 1/2
Professional Actor: 2/1
Professional Musician: 3/1

If Kim Kardashian's next boyfriend is a professional athlete what sport will he play?
Football: 1/2
Baseball: 5/2
Basketball: 7/2
Soccer: 10/1
Golf: 15/1
Tennis: 20/1
Hockey: 25/1

Will Kim Kardashian date Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher or Jessie James in 2011-2012?
Yes: 20/1

SUPER BOWL MADONNA SPECIALS: Will she wear an NFL Team Jersey at any point during the Super Bowl half-time show?
Yes: +300
No: -500

SUPER BOWL MADONNA SPECIALS" What will her hair color be during the Super Bowl half-time show?
Blonde: -400
Any Other Color: +250

These Are Real

Moldavian model Nadejda Savcova gets today's LLOD honors.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Nadejda Savcova :: Jack Abuin/ZUMA Press/Corbis

This Houston Texans fan is a believer.

Tattoo Of The Day

Lenny Dykstrawill fightJose Canseco in a boxing match this Saturday.

Train Wreck

Oh, no she didn't.

Wedding Video Of The Day

A Canadian news show did a lottery drawing for a $2 million dollar house yesterday. The winner was the show's sports anchor. Watch his colleagues call him with the news, beginning at the 1:30 mark.

Live TV Video Of The Day