Hot Clicks: Brittney Palmer; Terrell Suggs funny quotes on Ravens-Steelers

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Hot Clicks Nation, I have failed you and I apologize. This video of a song comprised of nothing but Mike Tyson quotes has been around for a week -- and I just saw it today for the first time. I'm embarrassed, but after you watch it, you'll agree that this is definitely a case of better late than never. I have to warn you, though, there is some NSFW language in the tune.

This Should Be A No. 1 Hit

Mike Tyson :: AP

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is all fired about going into Heinz Field on Sunday to play the Steelers. This was his best quote about the matchup. Here are 11 more.

Quote Of The Day

Kevin Ballinger is the long snapper on the Purdue football team. He also has a blog to "get long snappers (and other walk-on type players) more publicity for being generally wholesome humans." "Snapping Necks" is filled with funny writing and videos and general silliness. For example, in his most recent post, Ballinger says, "I have said many times, snapping is 50 percent mental, 30 percent ball tricks, 10 percent snapping and another 30 percent talking about girls." Give the blog a try here.

Good Read

Anthony, of Chicago, says, "I know you're a busy guy deciphering all the requests for LLOD and multiple requests for content on Hot Clicks. However, as my day has hit a fever pitch for bull----, I would like to ask a favor in making Brittney Palmer the LLOD." Sounds like Anthony is struggling, so Brittney Palmer is getting today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Brittney Palmer :: RD/ Erik Kabik/Retna Ltd./Corbis

We had fun with these several weeks ago, so Hot Clicks readers have kept an eye out for more. Mark, of Indianapolis, submitted this shot from last night's Butler vs. Northern State basketball game. And Nathan Brummel, of Nashville, sent in this picture from last night's Sporting Kansas City-Colorado Rapids game.

Unintentionally Dirty Photos

Nathan, of Green Bay, says, "Regular reader, Twitter follower (@Plitz_In_GB), and occasional contributor to Hot Clicks here. Wondering if I could get some help from you and Hot Clicks Nation. As we all should know by now, Tom Crabtree (@TCrabtree83) of the Packers is a must follow on Twitter. Not only is he a Twitter wordsmith and chronic Martha Stewart retweeter, he is also a professional athlete who wants to know his fans. He and his PR guy Alex(@AlexTallitsch) are doing a multimedia contest where the winner gets to #HangWithTom for a day. Information can be found here. Here's the deal: I really want to win this. I am thinking it would be unbelievably awesome to get my first tattoo with a guy who has so many tattoos, they even have a twitter handle (@CrabtreesTats). I'm also trying to convince my wife to get one, too. In addition, I would want to share my day spent with Tom with my wife's grade school class or entire school if I could arrange that. If I am lucky enough to win this contest, I absolutely will document the fun stuff and get it to you. Maybe I can even get Tom to sing some showtunes or something, as I understand he likesRent. You're really are a good guy, Jimmy, despite being a Yankee fan." I'm not sure if that last line was supposed to butter me up, but I'm going to overlook it because I want to see if Hot Clicks Nation can influence this contest enough that one reader gets a tattoo and a pro football player sings songs from Rent on video.

I Want Video Of An NFL Tight End Singing Showtunes

Rays third baseman Evan Longoria joined the latest edition of the Hot Clicks Podcast to discuss the classic, final day of the 2011 regular season (when Longoria hit a walkoff homer to send Tampa to the playoffs), the frustrations that come with always playing in front of so many empty seats, whether he has been trying to hit on U.S. soccer player Alex Morgan over Twitter, whether he'd be a candidate for Kim Kardashian's next athlete boyfriend, his memorable viral video in which he "saved" a reporter and much more. Listen to it below or download it here.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

This report features a suspect (accused of stealing a boatload of candy) avoiding cops. At the 55-second mark comes one of the best tackles you'll ever see. (Thanks to by Scott, of Cave Creek, Ari., for the link.)

News Report Of The Day

Roof Jumper Tries to Evade Police:

Conan O'Brien takes on the lack of creativity shown by local news stations.

Local News Video Of The Day

Brian Schwartz, of Boston, says, "Mr. Traina, Kina Grannis spent nearly two years making this music video that features 288,000 jelly beans. In the words of Caddyshack, "How about a little something for the effort here." Can you make it a Hot Click?" I'm only posting this because it allows me to give you guys a good tip I've wanted to mention for a while: If you want something linked in Hot Clicks, don't ever refer to me as Mr. Traina.

Music Video Of The Day