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Giants' win over Patriots vaults them in top 5 of Week 9 power rankings

The NFL really has become a league where almost everything is a week to week proposition. Wasn't it just the other day the Jets, Bears, Steelers and Falcons were down and out, and the Patriots, Chargers, Bills, Chiefs, Raiders and Redskins were up and on their way?

We base nearly every perception we have about the NFL on what just happened last weekend, confidently predict what will happen this weekend, and then react accordingly when little of it unfolds as expected. We then repeat the entire process next week.

Thank goodness for the unbeaten Packers and the winless Colts. At least you can count on the league's two polar opposites for a little consistency this season. It's the other 30 teams in between that seem to take their turns confounding us. Now onto this week's rankings....

Week 9 NFL Power Rankings