Hot Clicks: Jennifer Love Hewitt; CBS' sham of a Mike McQueary "interview"

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I've stayed away from mentioning anything about the Penn State scandal (minus this item in which I said I was staying away from mentioning anything about the Penn State scandal), but this item isn't about the Penn State scandal as much as it is about the disgraceful scam CBS News pulled last night. The network promoted an interview with Mike McQueary, and reporter Armen Keteyian (who conducted the "interview") even Tweeted "Tonight on Evening News Mike McQueary breaks his silence and opens a window for me into his emotions." But then the "interview" lasted 24 seconds because McQueary said he's not ready to talk yet. CBS should apologize for the pathetic attempt to deceive viewers and bait-and-switch the public.

Scammed By CBS

Mike McQueary, Armen Keteyian :: AP

Phillies outfielder Hunter Penceis dating a Playboy Playmate. Meanwhile, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez keeps proving that he has a very specific type of woman. Lastly, Dolphins running back Reggie Bushis looking for a woman who rides a motorcycle.

The Life Of An Athlete

In case you missed it in Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks, you must check out the video of a wedding party entering the reception as WWE superstars. As for today's wrestling item, here are nine classic wrestlers who would be awful Thanksgiving dinner guests.

For The Wrestling Fans...

All these years after Party of Five and -- of course -- Can't Hardly Wait -- Jennifer Love Hewittstill has it.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt :: Glenn Harris / PR Photos

Puck Daddy has a look at the 10 greatest NHL mustaches for Movember 2011 (so far).

Stellar Staches

Check out the nifty way Avalanche center Matt Duchene set up his own goal against the Penguins last night. (Thanks to Billy, of Chicago, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

"On the inside it contains a layer of activated carbon fabric. The same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons." (Thanks to Jimmer, of Boston, for the video.)

Ridiculous Product/Commercial Of The Day

This video is from last season, but it just hit YouTube this week. I will never call the NFL the "No Fun League" ever again.

Marisa Miller Video Of The Day