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Morning Jolt: Rex Ryan's motivational ploy

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Wednesday, November 23

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Ryan gives Brunell reps with starters

How do you like that, Mr. Sanchez? [Rex Ryan] turned to a motivational ploy this week to spark quarterback Mark Sanchez: Ryan has given backup quarterback Mark Brunell reps with the starters in an attempt to light a fire under Sanchez. Ryan did the same thing last December after the Jets lost two in a row. Months later, Sanchez told GQ he wanted to fight the coach for doing it. "I know Mark Sanchez extremely well," Ryan said. "I know how tough, how [much] fighting spirit he has. If it takes me to do this and take a punch in the nose I don't care. I'll do it." ... Sanchez said he was not mad but gave very short answers about Ryan's move. "I guess maybe last year it did [motivate me]," Sanchez said. "That's Rex's deal. I don't know." (New York Post)Comment

MLB CBA strikes blow to small markets

On the upside, a deal is, for now, done. As the NBA will learn, labor peace alone carries great value, helps a sport achieve continued growth. Unfortunately for baseball, low-revenue teams got trampled in its new collective-bargaining agreement, trampled in a way that raises genuine concerns for their future. "We are headed for massive problems in the next CBA," one general manager said Tuesday night. "Competitive balance is going to get progressively worse." We've heard it all before, but the GM isn't crying wolf, even though the addition of a wild-card team in each league will create greater opportunity for all. The new restrictions on spending in both the amateur draft and international market are daggers to low-revenue clubs. (

Can NBA start season by Christmas?

By almost every timetable, the clock is ticking on the NBA season. According to people involved in the process on both sides, there is a common realization that this is the week a deal must come together to fulfill the league's desire to start the season by Christmas. And despite the lack of official communication between the parties and some obstacles that grew out of the players' antitrust actions, sources maintain that the framework of a settlement could be reached quickly once the dialogue progressed from the back channels to the formal stages. "Everyone on both sides realizes it's settlement time," said a person who has been in frequent contact with negotiators. (

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Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery goes airborne to rip a shot against Villareal. Ribery wasn't able to connect here, but did score the first and last goals of the game to lift Bayern Munich to a 3-1 win. (Zumapress)

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Combining two great American pastimes: Fishing and trick shots.

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Jets at Capitals, 7:00 p.m. ET, TSN-JETS,CSN-MA

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